Puppetmaster Support? Or Can Player Ragdoll Upon Hit?

LunarEx Games 4 weeks ago in Other updated 4 weeks ago 0

Hello. I'm trying to get Puppetmaster from Rootmotion to work but having an issue where it's not working. Do you plan on having support for this asset? I've been able to setup with other controllers where the player can get hit by an object and it'll get back up but cannot setup properly with CG.

Or is there a way where can object can make my player ragdoll, like it gets hit with a cube or any collision object, and have it ragdoll and get up. I think GC may already do this as I see a get up animations but not sure how to activate. Have the player get knocked around like a ragdoll.

I'm essentially working on a obstacle course and want the player to fall down when it runs into objects. It does well with Puppetmaster to achieve this affect so hoping GC may be able to skip that.

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