Question re: using assembly definition files

ChaosCrazed 1 month ago in Game Creator updated 4 weeks ago 2

I am trying to setup my project to work with Unity's test runner (and get compile times down a little). Is there any good way of setting up assembly definition files to work with Game Creator?

I've tried placing some of my own - one in the root GameCreator folder, and then one in each Editor subfolder (have to mark things editor-only, right?). I eventually get down to struggling with circular references between the core 'module' and variables 'module' as some classes in each Editor subfolder reference one another.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Just realized my GC version should be 1.1.10, oops.

Just did some testing in an otherwise blank project:
Ended up with an ASMDEF for Game Creator, and Editor folder ASMDEFs for Camera, Characters, Core, Extra, Feedback, Inventory, Melee, Shooter, and Stats.

I eventually got things to compile by moving the Variables Editor folder (and subfolders) into a subfolder of Core/Editor , and had to remove the toolbar to resolve otherwise impassible cyclical references between Extra and Core.

Hope these details help out with what I'm trying to accomplish