Hi. Is Game Creator suitable for First Person Mode?

Jairus 1 month ago in Game Creator updated by ProfPivec 1 month ago 3

Hello! I really want to buy Game Creator. However, everywhere i look people prefer to make third person games (BOTW, assasins' creed likes) and nowhere first person. Is Game Creator fully functionable with First Person Controller? Is it suitable? Thanks in advance!
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Yes, Game Creator has a First Person Mode. It has a First Person Camera, and it also includes a headless model for First Person Mode (so you don't just see the hands).

In addition, you can very easily switch between first and third person with a simple Action. This provide much versatility for the developer and the Player. We are currently creating the VR Module for GC and this will mostly (but not totally) use First person Mode.

Hope this helps. Check out the Discord Channel if you want to know more of what people use GC for.


Hey! Thanks for the response! I suppose i can use traversal module in first person aswell? :) Thanks! 

That I cannot answer. I have not purchased it as yet.

However, I am sure someone on the Discord channel in the Traversal thread can answer you.