Camera Motor Sensitivity (Mouse Sensitivity)

CJWorkshop 4 weeks ago in Game Creator 0


I am making a setting screen which allows the player to set the camera sensitivity, but am having issues. From my understanding, you can set a cameras motors sensitivity to be the same as a Vector 2 global variable, but the only way i can find to change the Vector 2 global variable is by having a UI Slider Vector. The issue is that my game does not have a mouse cursor and will also support joystick controls. Can i do either of the things below?

1. Set a Vector 2 global variable to be the same as a normal numbered global variable?

2. Increase or decrease the UI Slider Vector somehow by using an action such as "on key down" ?

If neither of these two is possible, is there any other way to change the sensitivity of camera motors? or the mouse sensitivity?


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