Quest Journal giving a NullReferenceException when trying to view Quest.

K-Side 1 month ago in Quests updated 1 month ago 2

Even when I just add the Quest Journal, unpack it, and then set the quest active, and add a trigger to open and close the journal. It gives this error when I click on the quest to view it. It also doesn't show the description of the quest. it leaves the default text. Leads me to believe that is the causing factor.

Watching RVR do it in his tutorial, he doesn't seem to do anything more but seems to work fine.

Any idea what' I'm doing wrong here?

Unity version:
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I just tested the same thing with the murder at the table example and that loads up just fine. 

Well, after messing around with it for so long, I decided to just recreate the quest, and it works. So I still have no idea what's causing the error, but at least I can move on.

EDIT: And I spoke a bit too soon. Just tried to delete the quest that was messing up and it's giving me an error. Guess that's where the issue was, it's listed in the quest preference, but something happened in the background and .... it's not actually there, despite being able to add objectives to it and deleting objectives from it.