I want to use Game creator with MFPS

Argha Basu 1 month ago in Game Creator updated 3 weeks ago 4

Hey I would Like to buy Gamecreator. What my problem is have MFPS 2.0 purchased and i want to implement some movement so I want to know can I do that ? and How? Can developer help me with that.?

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

I am not sure why you would need Game Creator if you already have MFPS installed. MFPS is a complete system, and from I can see, you can build fps games without needing any other system. I would doubt if the two systems are compatible, but still do not see why you would need GC if you have MFPS. 

Hey Thanks for reply. Yes you are true MFPS has everything you need and it's a complete system but They are not giving any updates for few months I really want to add few movement but the way mfps designed i can't add anything on myself. Movements like Climb, Parkour, jump from balcony etc


I have this resource and unfortunately it won't work with GC. For me it caused a conflict, now Playmaker spoiled my project :(.

Did you try it with playmaker? Did you succeeded?