Problem when i apply a material on a character or player

Alessandro Pierpaoli 1 month ago in Game Creator updated by ProfPivec 1 month ago 3

when i try to apply a material to a model that i use in a character or a player, it turns pink.

but if i import the same model into the scene without using a character or a player i don't have any problem.

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Pink usually indicates that the shader is wrong, missing, or has a problem.

It could be an issue with URP vs HDRP, or just that the shader on the model does not support the material you are applying.

but if I put the model into the scene i can change material without any issues, when i use it inside a character or a player it becomes pink (only if I try to change the original material)

Your best bet would be to ask on the Discord channel. Wirbus is a wiz at this.