Do I need or can I use Animancer pro in GC?

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Header says it all :) Do I need or can I use Animancer pro in GC? Eagleeyez asked this nine months ago I think, but the answer wasn't clear for me but was related to the Traversal Module.

A short answer is all I need for this (well maybe a sentence ;)


Unity version:
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You don't need Animancer Pro to use Game Creator to make games. I build games, I don't have Animancer.

But as Marti said in the post you referenced to, Unity's Playable API and Animancer are very similar, so you could that as he has done for the Traversal Module. 

Can you integrate Animancer Pro with GC? Perhaps, but it would probably take some work and personally I would think you would need it. Gestures and States that are used in GC and modules activate and transition any humanoid animation, and even some non-humanoid. 

Hope this helps

Ok, so it's a new level of complexity I would gladly avoid for the time being. The extensive way of blending between animations is what I saw and got me very interested in. 

Totally new with GC and rather new (again) with Unity, so sorry if things still look overwhelming for me to understand :)

No worries. Are you on the discord channel. There are lots of people there willing to help.


Yep, but before causing to much newbie trouble I must first do my homework and watch and recreate some tutorials :)

Animancer was recommended by a youtuber commenter as being very useful, if not existential for doing animations, that's why my question. For my first project not necessary though, but for another postponed project the nice blending would be very useful.

I still think a Question on Discord would be good. Wirbus and others are good at this. Or perhaps you could ask whoever the youtube was. 

I am not the GC core dev, I build GC modules. But I have found that it is best to ask whoever did the youtube tutorial, as they are not official and sometimes are just opinion pieces.

I don't know if the youtube commentator uses GC, I think he's more of a coder as that's the initial usage form of Animancer.

But ok, I will ask on Discord if somebody has had experience with it. Maybe combined with Bolt? But it would be wiser for me to see how far GC can bring me first :)