Game creator interface in not visible in Unity3D level

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Game creator interface in not visible in Unity3D level? Installed game creator, twice, restarted computer three times. I am unable to add Game Creator Player in the game level. I checked YouTube videos but similar interface not visible on my pc.

I see menu on top "Game Creator" with two options - "Check for updates" & "Reinstall Game Creator". Rest Game Creator is not visible anywhere in unity3D. A lot of other options available when i press right mouse key but no sing of Game Creator.

Unity Version: 2019.4.7f1
Game Creator Version: 1.19

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Game Creator is a compiled asset, meaning if it doesn't comply, it isn't there.

The easier way to see if it has installed, is there a Game Creator tool bar in the Scene Window. If not, it has not installed.

The most common reason for this os errors in another asset. Check you Console window for errors. There must be no errors or Game Creator install will not complete.

Hope this helps.

Do you have Unity 2020 installed parallel maybe? My problems were solved once I had deleted the 2020 beta and had only 2019 lts installed. Seems as if once a project got created with 2020 GC wasn't able to function, even when converted to 2019.

Maybe that helps?

I do not see why that having multiple copies of Unity would cause an issue. This is what I have installed....

But downgrading projects ALWAYS causes issues. The golden rile for Unity is that you can upgrade, but never go back, hence always backup.

I understand that while GC will work in 2020.1, it is only supported on the LTS version, which is 2019.4

I can only tell you about my problems I had . I got rid of them once 2020 was uninstalled. Seems to be some interference between 2020 and 2019 and below. GC is only compatible until 2019 as I'm aware of. Might be worth a try?

There are others on Discord using 2020 without problems, I only play with it to check out any new features.


Then it's maybe because new projects I created were created with 2020 first, although I checked 2019?

I could give it another try, but right now I only need 2019 so no hurry for that :)

I ultimately format the pc and now it's working. Thanks for help.

That's like dropping the bomb to nuke it all :D