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time scale

Alienmadness 12 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 12 months ago 1

the timescale seems to effect the audio component of the UI.

for example when i set the timescale to 0 to pause the game.  i can no longer hear the UI clicks.  This may have been with the recent 1.0.2 update or the inventory module (just purchased and installed it).


Unity version:
unity 2019.3
Game Creator version:
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Hi Alienmadness. This is an issue that inherently comes from the fact that sounds take into account the time-scale. For example, if you set the time scale to 0.5, you'll hear sounds like in slow-motion. Hence, setting the time scale to zero will play sounds at a speed of zero (so; no sound).

I'll open a ticket and see what can be done with this. Ideally I would add a dropdown that lets you choose between using the real time or game time scale, but each Action manages this individually.