destroy after finishing

orijin.guliward 1 month ago in Game Creator updated by BV123 1 month ago 1

Hello everyone i have some issue i don't know how to fix that. I will try to explain. (sorry for my bad english)

when i use an action for pick up a sword i use destroy after finishing like u can see. But that give me another issue i don't know why as u can see for some reason that delete my variable. Same issue with gameObject or global variable.

and if i toggle of destroy after finishing that work fine. But sword is not destroy and it's not what i want. (sorry again for my bad english and i hope u can give me some solution)

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Hey there, you don't want to use the Destroy After Finishing checkbox. 

You want to use the Destroy Action to destroy the sword. (Add Action->Object->Destroy)

The Destroy After Finishing checkbox destroys the Action object in the hierarchy.