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I am making a pause menu according to this video tutorial:

When I click Return, the menu should disappear, but it doesn't disappear.

If I go back to the main menu, nothing will happen either.

What can I do wrong if I am doing according to the totorial?

Unity version:
Game Creator version:
this is what it looks like when i start a game.

Hey, I just watched the tut vid and it's 2 years old. When you add the buttons to the Hierarchy Window you want to Right Click->Game Creator->UI->Button.

Then you want to Add Action->Object->Set Active (uncheck Active checkbox) to the Return button.

Then add the Canvas object from the hierarchy to the Set Active action.

You'll also want to Add Action->General->Set Time Scale to 1 if you haven't already.

The Main Menu is usually a separate scene with its own canvas that you have created and that you added to File->Build Settings.

On the Back to Main Menu button Add Action->Scene->Load Scene and type the name of your Main Menu scene into it.

Thank you for your time :).

I'm already losing my mind. It won't work for me anymore. I have everything done as you wrote. I will post screen shots.

what is wrong :( ? Is there any more advanced documentation on this resource?

Ok, here's the first part and I'll get to the Main Menu in the 2nd part. Sorry for the lack of audio. Hope it helps. 😊

Also, you may want to try watching it on Youtube. It looks blurry here for some reason.

Ok, when I get a chance (hopefully tonight) I'll make a video showing how to do it. It'll definitely be easier with a video. :-)


Thank you very much. You don't even know how grateful I am for that.

As soon as I get up from the night work, I act immediately.

I wonder if I can do my project because if these video tutorials on the page with the tutorials are out of date, then I'm lying.

Relax :) you do not need to record the sound, I just need a picture in full loose.

Do you know any place with documentation of this resource or a video course on how to use it in practice?

best regards
The menu works great from the editor mode when I start the game. Nevertheless, it crashes me out of the game when I fire up the executive file.

I don't know what is the reason for that.

Can I also use Playmaker when building a game with this asset? It didn't work for me before because there was a conflict with the playmaker script regarding cursor handling.

Hey, you shouldn't have any problem using Playmaker with GC. I use them together all the time.

I do try to keep them as separate as possible though to keep things simple.

As for the crashing, that sucks. Unfortunately, that could a lot of different things. Was it not doing 

that before you added the Pause menu? If so, that would be strange. I did a test build on my end 

and it works fine.

Anyway, I'll continue with the Main Menu with Saving and Loading vid when I get a chance. 😊