Dialogue Choice - set first/any choice as active/selected

Phazorknight 2 weeks ago in Dialogue updated 9 hours ago 1

I'm having problems with the Dialogue choice.

It works but the choices aren't automatically selected to be navigate-able by gamepad. I have to click on one (and then move the mouse cursor out to not trigger/continue), to get them to be selected and navigate between them with the gamepad / cursor.

I guess the "auto-focus first choice" is not working on my end somehow?
I've tried disabling and re-enabling it, but the behavior did not change.

As my game is supposed to be gamepad only, I'd really appreciate any help or pointers.

Thanks in advance!

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Hey everyone, I still wasn't able to figure this out myself, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.