Wobbly animation

Foolish Gamer 2 weeks ago in Game Creator updated by BV123 4 days ago 1


I am trying to incorporate a third party humanoid character that has its own animations.  I copied the locomotion file and renamed it for use with this character.  I then replaced the walk animation with the third party walk animation.  I then created a hand gun based on revolver.  The states and gestures are the same as revolver.   When I play the scene there is a terrible wobble with the character's upper body when the character is moving and aiming at the same time. 

Does anyone have any ideas on how I might resolve this?

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Hey there, you'll want to use walk and/or run animations that're designed to work with firearms aiming. The wobble is being caused by too much side-to-side rotation in the character's spine. This is usually caused by a regular unarmed walk or run animation combined with an aiming animation and upper body avatar mask.

I would recommend going to mixamo.com and searching for "Pistol" or "Rifle". You'll see walk/run animations of a soldier aiming. Make sure to get the backwards walk/run and strafing ones too. The animations are free. 

Hope that helps. 😊