IsPointerOverGameObject() every time true when GameCreator.Core.EventSystemManager(singleton) is instantiated

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I have a GameUI responsible for handling my games inputs (keys & mouse)

I have also an EditorUI with a U3D GUI responsible for the map editing

In order to handling inputs in GameUI only when EditorUI has not the focus

In GameUI I use that below


void Update()


if (!EventSystem.current.IsPointerOverGameObject())


// blabla ..




Ok it's fine for my use case

But when I integrate GameCreator with at least A GC Trigger Component;

IsPointerOverGameObject() returns every time true

In this case I noticed that GameCreator.Core.EventSystemManager(singleton) is instantiated

Do you have A solution for my issue ? or at least a workaround

Many thanks

Unity version:
Game Creator version:


Quickly, it seems that instead, EventSystem.current.currentSelectedGameObject does the job.
Anyway if you have any other suggestions, don't hesistate, you are welcome.