Not loading correctly the game

Bucur Daniel 2 weeks ago in Game Creator updated by BV123 4 days ago 1

I've just started using Game Creator and I'm having trouble using save load system. When I load profile 1 for example the camera is off player or I see the players feet and I cannot control the player.

If I hit esc and resume the game everything goes back to normal

Do you have any idea how to solve this? 


Unity version:
Game Creator version:

That's strange, never had a problem like this. 

Is your Main Camera or Camera Motor a child of the player? If so, unparent them.

Do you have more than one camera in the scene?

I would guess it's a problem with the camera and/or camera motor. Try deleting them and adding new ones.

If I could see your hierarchy maybe I could get a better idea.

Also, are you using touch input? Just asking because of the attack and jump buttons.

Are you also saving to Profile 1?