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Advanced Inventory Module

Duffer123 12 months ago in Inventory updated by Wyiski 1 week ago 10

I set out below the desired features of a new v2 Inventory Module OR an Advanced Inventory Module:-

  • Customisable items at runtime which are loadable and saveable from Inventories (see below) or Containers;
  • Items customisable at runtime in the following ways:-
    1. Socket Items and sockettable items;
  • Multiple Socket item types;
    1. For example, gemstones, runestones, talismans etc
  • Affixes (prefixes, generic affixes, suffixes); and
  • Multiple Affix types (including substance item made from – metals, woods etc);
  • Affixes effect customisable item name (save and loadable) – so a Sword could become a Holy Elven Rangers Steel Fire Sword of the Lion etc.;
  • Enchantments and Upgrades.
  • (a)-(f) effect rarity, price, buy price and sell price, item properties
  • Multiple Inventories (not just one) for Player, Characters or Enemy Characters, NPCs, Monsters, Traders and Merchants;
  • Multiple Currencies and conversion;
    1. Example – 10 bronze pieces = 1 silver piece, 10 silver pieces = 1 gold piece, 10 gold pieces = 1 mithril piece etc etc
  • Craftable Items – from more than two other Items - and Recipes to allow for this;
  • More than 32 Item Types and SubTypes or Categories and SubCategories – so perhaps based upon ScriptableObject ‘types’ – any number of which can apply to an item – and searchable and filterable by types and more than one type;
  • Support for both Fixed Meshes and Skinned Meshes allowing/simplifying Character customisation at runtime; and
  • Wizards/Editors to support all the same and creation of Items, Equippable Items, Currencies, Socket Types, Affix Types in Editor mode.
Unity version:
Game Creator version:

I should also say that the best approach to this would be a composite design based upon Prefabs I would think.

Also salvageable items - ie - methods to salvage items from other items

Didnt say it above - but also sockets (socket items) in another parent item effect it's properties and potentially its expanded name too much like affixes.

I think it would also be cool to have specific to Item properties (sliding scale, effecting other Stats and Variables etc) and again Item name.  Classic ones would include Rarity, Age, Renown, Condition, Craftsmanship...

Maybe some of the above could be consolidated somehow.

Under review

Thanks Duffer123! I'm super tired from writing the documentation of the Shooter module today, but tomorrow morning I'll take a look and get back with some comments! Thanks for the detailed list!

No worries - you must be exhausted with the rapid rate of development of the Shooter module.  Standing ready to purchase that too!  Hope the above ideas make sense.  Also I endorse Brayden - so, in other words, a couple of GUI templates for hotbars, action bars, more complex inventories, trading and crafting UIs...


I would love to see (sorry if any of these where already said)

-a hotbar

-a separate window option for crafting 

-inventory and container limit to amount of items

-be able to put multiple of the same non stackable object (such as an axe) in the inventory and containers

I would love to be able to make a very simple inventory, just to store items (like in the Life is Strange games) and to have bigger overview on all of them


Are there any plans to support multi-cell items, much like the below example?