Condition: Compare Stat to another Stat

Matthew Bockholt 3 weeks ago in Stats updated 2 weeks ago 2

I would very much like to be able to directly compare one Stat/Attribute to another Stat/Attribute. Right now, when using Conditions to compare Stats and Attributes you can only compare them to Global/Local/List Variables and a static Value. Low priority, as there is a fairly simple workaround. Thanks!

--Workaround I'm using for those interested--

1: On Trigger execute an Action followed by a Condition

2: Action - Sync Stat/Attribute to a Local Variable

3: Condition - Compare Stat/Attribute to that Local Variable

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Hey Matthew

I just released a pack which contains two conditions: 

  • Compare stat with stat
  • Compare attribute with attribute

If you like I can modify them so you can switch between stat and attribute and i.e. compare a stat with an attribute. 

You can download it here: https://hub.gamecreator.io/content/item/kukQW48gWxa1Qp7sjCeg

Awesome, I'll take a look and leave a review!