Player transition from unarmed combat (brawl) to armed sword combat

HGamer01 3 weeks ago in Melee updated by Navarro Family 3 weeks ago 1

Hi Game Creator Team,

I've created a basic punch and kick combat function using the Melee Module. I would like to know how I can properly set up a command/function to make the player transition from an unarmed melee combat state (punch and kick) to a sword combat state when I unsheathe the weapon? Similar to games like GTA or Skyrim wherein you can brawl if you do not have any equipped weapon.

Great asset by the way!

Thanks in advance.

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Create a variable bool isArmed

Whenever you're using the DrawWeapon action (With Swords), set this bool to True right behind it.

Whenever you Sheath you set it to false.

Have an Onvariable Change Trigger attached to the isArmed bool

Using conditions, If False Draw the Melee Hand2Hand Weapon you've created.

(You may have to add a Wait 0.1 seconds before you draw the Hands)