attach foots to object

Syed Suhaib Zubair 3 weeks ago in Other updated by BV123 3 weeks ago 1

My question is related to posture. for example. i am riding on an animal like horse. there are some mount points on the horse.

how to attach foot to a mount point like saddle and hands on rein whenever i start animation of mounting from any side of horse.  

i have already an animation of riding on animal. 

i am using a marker on right side of an animal.

but due to any reason of scene and animal position the animation not work perfect. mean body position not perfect after riding.

so i want that when i call mounting it should place his foot exactly on saddle mount point first and ride accordingly properly.

hope you understand. please reply soon.

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Hello, while I like GC's IK features, I find them kinda limited. For what you want to do I think you'd need something like Final IK, unless there's a way to attach feet in GC to an object that I'm unaware of.

I don't really like recommending such a relatively expensive asset like Final IK but, to be honest, I personally can't imagine starting a project without it. Maybe there's a cheaper, or even free, alternative that I'm not aware of. If I come across something I'll post it here. :-)

Edit: Actually, here's a free IK solution I found on the UAS. Maybe it'll work but I haven't tried it myself.