Can the color of an asset change based on the progress of a stat or attribute?

rt101 4 weeks ago in Game Creator updated by Phazorknight 4 weeks ago 1

Hi everyone,

Some friends and I are currently working on a project that we are unsure if there is a way to do what we are thinking in Game Creator or how it might work if it can. I am still new to GC so apologies if the answer to this is obvious or simple.

Is it possible to give the player character a stat/attribute such as "sight" and as that attribute grows, the color of each asset in the scene changes? To put in another way, imagine the PC's sight is represented as a stat, ability or power and at the beginning of the game, everything in the scene (background, objects, NPC’s, etc.) are certain colors but as the characters “sight” grows, the color of everything in the scene changes too. Hopefully that makes sense.

Any ideas on how this might work or if it’s even possible in GC? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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There is a change color action, and you could tie that to a variable, so theoretically it's possible.