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What Inventory 2.0 should consider

Necka 2 months ago in Inventory updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 5

Hi Marti, 

here are my thoughts about what Inventory 2.0 should handle:

  1. Hotbar/Quick Bar - It's either a quick access or the pockets of your character. I personally use this as where the player can activate a slot (equip an item) while when the inventory is equipped, you can't click to equip in the inventory.
  2. Number of slots available in the inventory - Basically a setting to state that the inventory has a base of XX slots (quite easy, it defines how many Slots are instantiated in the GridLayout on the canvas. And no, people don't like a weight system :D for the dev it involves always calculating and not forgetting. For the player it's just an annoying limit (which can be here anyway for RPGs!) - this point introduce the notion of: Inventory full
  3. Extensibility of the inventory size as mentionned in #1 - Quite basic too, imagine the player picking up a bigger bagpack that will raise the number of inventory slots by +XX
  4. Inventory organization - That is something I also implemented (#1 and #2) and I can share with you the code for that for inspiration. So it allows to move slots in the inventory or from the inventory to the hotbar and vice versa. it goes well with the hotbar concept. Imagine the hotbar having the slot 5 selected (that's your currently selected weapon for example). You can move you item from inventory slot 8 to hotbar slot 5: it will equip that item. move item from equipped slot in the hotbar to empty slot in inventory or hotbar: move the item and unequip. Move from slot to another slot that is already occupied by an item: swap their position. It basically stick the item to your mouse position and then decide on what to do when you click on another slot. It resets it to the original slot if you close the inventory or click outside of it.
  5. Items stats + custom fields - Be creative but give the dev the possibility to set additional fields for item stats (IE: int. +10 // Firepower: 500 for a gun)
  6. Tooltip - this is also extremely important for any rpg/survival game. Think World of Warcraft, Diablo, Divinity, literally any RPG around here
  7. Other way of equipping - An alternative option instead of left clicking an item to equip/consume, it could be a right click button that shows a context menu (useful if we use left click to re-organize items. But you could also have a little lock button in the inventory to allow re-organization of the inventory and keep the left click for consume)
  8. Stacking limit and allowing multiple stack of the same item: This is really important to have. Many many games have that. So it is simply to limit that for example the item Wood can only be stacked 10 times. if you have 10 woods in a slot and pick-up 1 more wood, it will occupy a second slot. It can trigger an inventory full message
  9. Containers: Same rules as inventory - Slots amount limitation, re-organization, stacking limit (should be on the item anyway), naming the container (so the player can have maybe a wood container, a rock container etc. It doesn't limit what kind of items you put in there (even though it could be interesting) but just a name for the player to see 
  10. Containers owned by the player - To be fair I did not play with Containers yet but in case it is not how it is: some defined containers should the Player's inventory extension. So for other systems to look into the player inventory will check also the containers content (example in #11)
  11. Crafting evolved - Crafting should be kept simple but the option should be given to look up for more than 2 items to craft and this should be in an external GUI with blueprints possibility. Blue prints is for example a gray item in the Crafting UI, when you click on it you can see the requirements. The crafting system checks the player inventory (AND ITS CONTAINERS!!) and if the components are there, the crafting button is not greyed out for example
  12. On death prefab drop - simply a prefab item that the dev chose to have when the player dies. It basically drops the content of the inventory on the ground where player died and if the player pick-it up it restores the inventory (the container inventory is of course protected - think Minecraft

I'm sure I forgot things or will have other ideas, but here is my first version

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Excellent Necka! Thank you very much for the detailed and organized ideas. I'll link them to the ticket and will definitely assess them when working on version 2.0

Can't see an edit button so I'll add what I completely forgot but seem essential, it's probably related to Duffer request, but I already said it, I don't understand what he mean and I think it needs to be described as generic as possible 

  • Item alternative based on a main item
    • Example is that I could have a Main inventory item (let's call it Basic Rifle) which has a set of actions predefined (equip something, launch this and that action, set those variables).
      But I would like also 15 other kind of rifles that derive from it in the way that maybe the model change (override the equip action) and the stats (as described in #5). the actions/variables etc could be the same as the main item but the stats (what it does) would be different
    • UI wise it would also let us organize things. Maybe we could fold the main items and click on a button to expand the list and keep things organized 
      • Create main item 1 Basic Rifle
        Create sub Item 1.1 Awesome Rifle
      • Create main item 2 Basic laser sword
      • Create sub Item 2.2 Unicorn laser sword

Also as for the Module itself. I personally would like to suggest you to keep the current inventory system and rename it "Basic Inventory module" and make that one a new module (advanced inventory sounds right). First of all because this will cost you dev time and that is money. Second of all, because maybe some people wants just the basic inventory as it is. If features are clearly explained in both assets (and that on both you warn people that both exists - it's fine)

Price wise maybe a reduction for Basic inventory module owners (if you think it's fair) and a base price obviously higher than that basic module.

That part is of course entirely up to you but I refuse to not participate financially to that module dev.

I wish to have some kind of the size of items sets. Like in Diablo, or Resident evil. This kind of management and presentation always was interesting to me. 

Also. Here is the pretty nice inspiration of function that can be included.


Thanks guys! All these ideas are very appreciated. I'll be assessing them and discuss further details when I start working on a draft for the next Inventory module. 

Once thing to note is that at first I liked the idea of the Basic Inventory and an Advanced Inventory modules. However, there are some quirks. For example, each Inventory will probably require a different system, which will make upgrading from the basic to the Advanced a headache. Also, some features might be shared, which means doubling maintenance. I'll probably just create an Inventory module with features that can be enabled and disabled.

But then again, this are just thoughts without deeply thinking them. I'll have more info when I start working on it. Keep the suggestions coming!