Add more attachments to the weapon model

Andy 4 weeks ago in Melee 0


I got the melee module and managed to create a basic hand to hand fighting system with it for my game that I’m working on. I want to create a combo containing attacks with separate fists, feet. For example, left punch, right punch, kick etc.

But the weapons can only have one attachment so I’m unable to create these types of combos. I’ve read from another post that they also wanted this feature but you weren’t looking to update the melee module.

Please reconsider this, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who would benefit from having this feature.  I’m a beginner and have no experience in coding games, so anything that makes life easier will be hugely appreciated. 🙏🙏

besides that, I’m finding game creator an awesome tool to make games with. 

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