Dialogue Choice not selectable after changing languages in runtime

Phazorknight 1 month ago in Dialogue updated 4 weeks ago 1

Hey, I've run into a problem using the localization and the Dialogue module.

After I've changed the language during runtime but after already talking to a character once, the dialogue choices become unselectable and I can't proceed in the dialogue.

I'll try my best to describe how the bug occurs:

1 character
2 languages (English, German) that are changed by a "change language" action.

1) start my game, don't change the language but keep it at default (English), I talk to the character, choices work;
I change the language, talk to the character again, language is changed but I can't select any of the choices and can't proceed in the dialogue.

2) I start my game, change the language to German in-game, I talk to the character, choices work.
I change the language to English, talk to the character again, language is changed back to English but again, none of the choices are selectable and I can't proceed.

In conclusion: language change works and the dialogue choices work but only once..? If I change the language another time in runtime, the dialogue choices become not selectable.

Any idea how this happens or how to prevent this?

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Just a follow up: I restarted Unity and currently can't reproduce this bug. Might've been a one-off somehow.
Will update if it gives me troubles again.