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Invoker not working with behavior + Melee

Aeon FitzGerald 1 month ago in Behavior updated 4 weeks ago 4

Im telling the invoker to "input melee A" in behavior graph but GC says null reference. 

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Also, I'm wondering if Melee weapons can be accessed as variables?

Under review

I've seen some complains about the Invoker value not working as expected in the Behavior module's graphs. I've opened a ticket and I'll work on this as soon as possible and circle back!

As for the second question, unfortunately Melee Weapons are scriptable objects and can't be saved as Local/Global variables. Is this part of a larger idea? I'm open to hear suggestions.


Yes! The larger idea is being able to use the same behavior tree for all enemies, only with different weapons in their parameters. So they act the same but draw different weapons all powered from the same behavior tree 

this could also possibly work for incorporating a melee weapon with inventory!