Action Light - Change range / intensity / color with a timer ?

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About the Light Action: is it possible to add a timer when we change the range or intensity?

Like for example: change the Range from 0 to 10 in 10 seconds.

I've found on Internet (but I don't remember where) this script which do the thing very well, but it seems to not work with the GC Triggers. I add On Enable or On Start Trigger with a Set Active Action or an Instantiate Action, no matter what I do, the script will alwaysstart to run before I enable it / set it active / instantiate it.


Thanks for your help !

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Just to let you know, I've just found a work around with a Number variable which I increase with a On Start Trigger calling the Action Add + Restart Action. Then another On Variable change Trigger change the Intensity of the light by checking on the Number variable I created. And same process for the Range.

But maybe there are other cases where a regular timer would be useful ^^;


Hey Dornano, we are working on an Action Pack 3 (Light and Dark), and it will do everything you ask. 

It will also have random flicker, intensity, colour, range, type, etc done from Actions.

The main theme of the Action Pack will be a day/night cycle with time of day Actions.

Just a heads up letting you know that it is planned (eta September).

Pivec Labs

Oh ok, nice to hear. Thank you for letting me know ! ^^