Teleport + make Player invisible = trigger a footsteps bug

Dornano 1 month ago in Game Creator 0

When the Player is teleported + made invisible, his footsteps sounds are bugge, we hear 2 foot steps sounds for each step instead of 1 sound only.

How to reproduce the bug:

1) Empty new scene with a plane and a GC Player.

2) Add a trigger On step on the Player which launch a sound at each step.

3) Make a box trigger: On player enter, launch theses actions: Teleport Player on a Transform point somewhere + make Player invisible + Wait 1 sec + make Player visible again.

4) When you walk again, you hear the double footsteps sounds bug.

When there is no invisible/visible Actions, the bug doesn't occurs.

I tried to replace the invisible actions by a set inactive/set active Actions, but the bug still occurs.

I also tried to replace the Teleport Action by a Transform move Action, but same.
I don't why this occurs.

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