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Instantiated objects don't seem to rotate correctly with player facing direction

Vagabond Animator 1 month ago in Game Creator updated 4 weeks ago 4

I'm trying to use the instantiated objects to create bullets and projectile attacks for player and enemy. For some reason when the player or enemy turns, some times the projectile fires in the opposite direction its facing.

The instantiated objects are using a rigidbody and physic action to propel forward.

I'm assuming its a bug but maybe I'm doing something wrong.

bandicam 2020-08-14 16-26-01-929.mp4

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Can you show a screenshot of the actions you are using?

More information might help solve your problem faster.

Your projectile's rotation always appears to be wrong, for the direction it is traveling in, too.

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Yup, a screenshot would greatly help narrow down the issue. How are you instantiating these?

The object prefab

The Velocity on the prefab

The Button input to trigger prefab

Conditions of instantiation