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Inventory pickup

Mia 1 month ago in Inventory updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 month ago 2
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I am following a tutorial from RVR and in this lesson I need to pickup sword from the scene and then watch it pop up in my inventory. In addition to that, when I pick it up it has to strap on my players spine.

I am able to Pick up an item but the item disappears from the scene. It doesn’t appear in my inventory nor on the players spine. I have no idea what I am missing. I was told to verify that Preferences of the sword match (I.e. right hand equipment. When you pickup an item from the scene how do you make sure it pops up on your inventory and the player straps it how you describe in preferences?

thank you!!!!!!!

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If you're using a custom Inventory skin, make sure the tab has the "Item Types" dropdown marked to "Everything". Also, make sure the item is set to at least one type, such as "Equippable" or "Right Hand Sword"

Not sure how to help here. RVR videos are quite thorough. Try to compare your Catalogue with the one in the video.