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Side Scroller Shooter

Casey Keeling 1 month ago in Shooter updated by Dornano 3 weeks ago 2

While using the side scroller shooter demo I noticed this issue in the screenshot.

This is currently an annoyance as I work on my game, I believe this issue might occur in the melee module too. That's what I've been told on Discord, but I haven't confirmed.

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Not sure what's triggering that movement. Have you checked the Example scenes that come with the Shooter example? The "Aim" mode should be set to "Side Scroll": https://demos.gamecreator.io/demo/shooter.

If you can provide more details or reproduction steps with screenshots, I'll take a look

I have the same issue. Actually it's coming from the Angular speed. Even if we increase the Angular speed value at its maximum (720), we still can't have the real side scroller feeling, because when we aim to the right and then aim to the left, the character takes a little time to turn back, instead of turning back immediately like in 2D shooter games, where we have a smooth aiming all around the character.

I made this video to show you. When we aim to the opposite side, the character turn to the Z direction.

Angular speed issue when side scroller.mp4

A solution would be to allow users to set an instant turning back animation maybe?