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Some time ago I was writing cartoonish low poly, rpg-like game for android, isometric view, character with animated limbs (low poly graphics), procedurally generated levels and simple base building system but I had to stop development. Now I would like to rewrite the game, to get rid of some stuff and add few new things, since my vision evolved greatly.

So 2 years ago I bought GC (as I look at it now, it is really evolving!), and now i think I can use it for this project to speed up development. Now here comes my question:

Is GameCreator a good option to develop a somehow complex (as mentioned), but low poly game for mobile devices?

I know it is possible to make mobile games with GC, but didn't found any informations about fluency and FPS on handhelds.

I realise that it is hard to predict, but still, I have to ask this question before buying rest of addons, and dedicating my time to work with GC - time is vital.

Again - Im really amazed with progress done on GameCreator during those 2 years, and Im really happy, that this project didn't "passed away".

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Hey. We originally took GC to reduce our development time for our corporate training games on mobile. We were not disappointed and soon created our games using GC only. 

We have also recently released a Casual Fighting Mobile game, it was built using only GC and took less than four weeks.

Neither game is low poly not FPS, but both run on Android and iOS. We are currently looking at doing a low poly game and will switch between first and third person.

Hope this helps.

Yes, thank you. It helps a bit.

I can see, that Ethibyte is good example for smoothness on handheld, at least when not much is happening on the screen. There was lag spike, when hero was hit by electricty from that mech. Second game is not really fluent, but on the other hand there are more animations and stuff at the scene.

Another thing is, that I dont know if you used all of the addons for GC, or just few.

At my game sometimes there will be a lot of enemies on the screen, as well as some particles from abilities and such, so Im not really sure GC will not affect FPS counter with bunch of usless scripts.

I might be wrong ofcourse since im not professional gaming programmer.

In my opinion case is not "running", but "running smooth", so I think I will not invest money into Game Creator addons, and will just write my game in C#, as I used to do before.

PS. By FPS, I was thinking about "frames per second", not "first person shooter" ; ]

Both videos were made on a low end (110 euro) Huawai Android phone. We got 20-25 fps for both games. On an iPhone 10, we get 60 fps, which we cap it at inline with Apples Rules.

Game Creator is an event driven system and hence will out perform any onUpdate system on a Mobile. However, if you want  super performance for all devices, you will need to code it yourself and optimise the hell out of it. You can always delete the scripts that you do not need, but as I said, it is event driven and hence there is no overhead from "unless scripts". 

We have not found better than GC, and we tested them all. At least thats our experience. Good luck with your code.