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Quest Error - Undefined container instance

khuongduy4693 1 month ago in Quests updated 4 weeks ago 2

Error appear with quest module , everything was fine if the game running from the beginning to the end. But if I load game then after finish a quest, the error: Undefined container instance will appear again and again every time I complete a quest.

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Would you mind sharing more details about this error? Otherwise it's impossible for us to reproduce. We would require screenshots showing how you're setting up your scene (with the least number of objects), the full log trace and which modules you have installed.

Yes. I have 3 modules with GC: Melee, Behaviour and Quest.

These are steps I did to get the error.

1. Create a quest with 2 sub-quests. (in this case is "clear-the-left-gate").

2. Create a save point before player step inside the battle with trigger OnPlayerEnter and Action SavePoint (no matter with Use Current Profile or Select Profile). Save data for player with this trigger.

-> Problem: 

- if player complete quest immediatly (for example defeat all minions - the first sub-quest), then everything fine, no error. We move to the next quest.

- But if player is dead, then load game with Action LoadLastGame to return player to the save point at first. Then player keep going into the battle again.

From now, everytime player complete a quest, the error will appear.