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Hello I would like to acquire a refund since I missunderstood the asset and thought it was made as a standalone product despite you stating on your asset page that it is only an extention. Since I already have blown my budget on the game I will not be able to continue with buying the full GameCreator asset. If further questions are requiered I will gladly respond.

Thank you in advance

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I do not want to bother you but in the description of the product and also in the images say that game creator is required

Yeah I know that is my mistake but since I spent money on nothing at all, refunding would be very nice and prefered since I will not have a stable income for a while and also I am in the middle of possibly loosing my place of living. I really need to keep my budget as small as possible.

But yes I’m aware of that. I tried to sound as little aggressive as I could since I don’t mean no harm. But thank you anyway!

oh sorry to hear that.

I think the creator will be able to respond to you faster on twitter

Twitter: https://twitter.com/catsoftstudios

or add me on discord i will try to help you 



Hi, the support channel is only for support questions. For refund inquiries, which are usually more personal, we recommend to send us an email, to support@gamecreator.io. 

Despite this, although I'm sorry in the situation you find yourself, we can't provide refunds once the package has been downloaded. See our Refund Policy here. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but we receive countless refund requests, each with different causes. But not reading that Game Creator is required is not what we consider a valid claim. Sorry for the bummer.

I 100% understand it is okay even if it hurts a little. I understand that you can’t give everyone a refund especially when the product has been downloaded. Thank you anyway for the help