melee blade component not working properly when using a box

Mathalous 3 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 weeks ago 4

When using a the box setting for a melee BladeComponent, the first few frames of the attack use the previous location to start before jumping into the correct location. This can lead to some weird ghost hits. 

Fortunately I made a fix for it. Just replace the code in BladeComponent.CaptureHitsBox() with the code here

This is actually a copy and paste of the code used for CaptureHitsSphere which uses Physics.OverlapSphereNonAlloc except its now calling Physics.OverlapBoxNonAlloc. I honestly don't know why it wasn't used to begin with. I can imagine the facepalm that will happen when this is realized...

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Under review

Thanks for reporting this, and sorry for the delay (we were on vacation and our ticket inbox was a bit cluttered). I've opened a ticket and I'll take a thorough look at it when I get to work on a Melee update.

I have the same trouble. Hope this issue can be fixed asap.

Hi, it's me again.

I fix this problem with these steps and I see it work properly. Hope this can help everyone.


Oops, looks like I didn't say anything. Thanks for the detailed answer. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming version of Melee module. If you still experience this issue after the update, please don't hesitate to reopen the ticket!