override melee attack animation

mo D 1 week ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 days ago 1

Hello, I'm doing a dashing action for the character, the character can dash after other actions / animation to interact with the game object.

However, the dash action doesn't work correctly with melee module. When the character is attacking and input the dash action, the character won't move correctly. The character only dash correctly when the attack animation is finished.

So is there anyway I can stop the attack animation and overrides it by the dash animation?

I have tried another method that add the dash animation into the combo setting, but the character won't move when playing the dash animation. I also like the original way (active dash by trigger key down) because it can add value to control dash length and time.

I have also tried to use condition to check if the character is attacking, but the dash command is only work when the attack is finished which isn't the result I want because I would like the character can dash whenever he is doing.

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Attacks are "blocking" the movement of the player and these can't really be cancelled unless it's from an incoming attack. This is on purpose to keep the system consistent.

In this case, I would add a condition to check whether the character is attacking at the moment, and, if not, execute the Dash action. Not sure if this condition exists though. If not, I'll add it for the next update!