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Condition: IsGround works not correct!

khuongduy4693 3 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 1

I modified conditions in combo system of Melee Weapon, so from Condition.OnAir, I added Condition.OnLand with a logic that "melee.Character.IsGrounded()". That means character only attack if he is staying on the ground. The problem is if I press attack button (left mouse, for example) and jump button again and again, sometimes character still can play attack gesture on the air.

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This really depends on how you have modified the on ground condition. We can't really provide support for custom code you have written, since only you know how you've done it.

Despite this, here's a suggestion: When an animation with root motion is played, sometimes it can move a bit upwards, thus making the ground not being triggered and appearing as if it's on air. To solve this, increase the Y component of the root motion curves and see if this works.