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Dialogue gets skipped when communicating and you have a weapon equipped

Sam Leitch 2 months ago in Dialogue updated 2 months ago 4

Dialogue gets skipped when communicating and you have a weapon equipped if you attack. 

Because i have character controllable turned off you loose control and the conversatin is gone.

Does anyone have a recomendation regarding unequipping a the equipped weapon on dialogie start? Is it possible to do as a condidtion or something in the Game Creator Prefereances menu? 

Thanks again


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Sorry for the delay in the response. I'm not sure I understand the problem. When a character's "is Controllable" is set to false, it shouldn't be able to shoot. If you want to make it more realistic, you can Holster your player's weapon when entering a dialogue.

A Dialogue line is skipped when you click on the text that appears on screen. Maybe this is what's happening? Clicking the screen attempts to shoot, but also skips to the next line. This is the behavior by default.

Thats alright, my character is set to 'is not controllable' but then my skip button is also my attack button and my character attacks. I imagine because during the attack the character moves away(melee) it maybe out of the sphere trigger possibly? Not controllable does stop the ability to throw a melee attack correct? if not i would happily add a not able to attack action if needed.


I don't have the Melee module at hand at the moment but I would wager the Is Controllable forbids the character from attacking. If not, it should. I'll open a ticket to have a look at this just in case.


Your a legand. Thanks Marti!!