Has anyone made a non drag and drop process for the Invantory yet?

Sam Leitch 2 months ago in Inventory updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 3

Hello again,

Any option when it comes to dropping items out of invantory other then the drag and drop? Maybe drag to a trash or a click and select a drop button?

Once again thank you in advance. You guys are the best!

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You can use the On Drop Item Trigger on a 3D object. This detects when an Inventory item is dragged and dropped from the Inventory. As an example, check out the Inventory examples: You need to drop a key onto the door 3D object in order to open it.

Hi Marti,

Say i wanted to set up my trash bin(drop bin), what is the name of the trigger or the action that this trash bin needs attached to it to be designated?


Is the Trash Bin a UI element or a 3D object? If it's the latter, simply add the On Drag Item Trigger and execute the actions based on that. If it's a UI element, you can use a Hotspot for that, or open a Container UI window where you can drop your items to the trash bin.