Setting how long melee attack lasts

Shaelreth 3 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 1

I set up a character using a great sword so many of the attack animations are much slower. I've also set up two different combo buttons one for A and one for B. Some of the combo strings combine both buttons.

The issue I am facing is that when I press the button for the next attack the first attack is immediately interrupted for the second attack to start. 

I was wondering if its possible to set how long or how much time must pass before a next attack can be started. I tried using the animation in and out but those don't seem to have any effect.

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That's what the Windup, Activation and Recovery phases are for. When you chain two attacks, the recovery phase from the previous one is skipped and the next attack's wind up animation starts playing.

You should play with the phases to find a good pacing for your attacks: https://docs.gamecreator.io/melee/melee/melee-clips#attack-timeline