Controller Input for Inventory

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So I bought the inventory module a while back and it's fantastic for the most part. The loot tables, item creation and cataloging is fantastic however I find the UI aspect of the inventory quite limited.

I have quite a lot of c# experience but the way everything is setup makes freely accessing the information I need a bit tricky. I was considering writing a whole new UI system but I realised that most of the item creation/inventory setup takes place inside the UI scripts for some odd reason. (If it were me I would make the item and inventory data creation entirely separate from the UI and just have the UI access, display and change that information)

I have narrowed it down to the currentItems dictionary inside the ItemsListUI script. But when I access the dictionary and try to select and navigate the list of itemUI buttons nothing happens, no errors and breakpointing my code shows everything is firing off as it should so something must be overriding it is my thought. I've made other inventory systems with controller supported UI before and I was originally going to just use that but the way item creation is setup by Game Creator is just too fantastic so I thought editing the UI for it would be the easier option.

So my question is how would you suggest going about controller support for the inventory whilst also still listening for PC input too. Everything is setup so intricately that it's hard to pin point the best way to go about it without screwing up everything Game Creator is doing.

Any help with this would be great!



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Never mind I figured it out I created a script that grabs all the relevant information and makes them easy to access.