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Melee Clip "On Hit". Adding Call Method, or Execute Action does not let you drop in any object or action.

Steve Nock 3 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 1

When adding "on hit" actions to a melee clip, I wanted to run a script by using "call method".  The script could not be dropped in the corresponding box for some reason (worked fine when I tested on other areas with "call method").  I then created a separate action with a "call method" and dropped my script in.  I attempted to add this to the "on hit" with an "execute action" but it would not allow the action to be added to the box.  I am not sure if this is by design, but if it is, how would I run a script from the melee module when a target is hit.  Cheers

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By Design

Melee Clips are scriptable objects and don't have access to scene objects. This is a Unity limitation that can't be worked around. This is due to Melee Clips being project-wide objects that are not bound to a single scene instance.