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Love the new Forum

ProfPivec 1 year ago in Other updated by anonymous 1 year ago 4

This is SOOOOO much better than Discord for a support tool. Well done (Thumbs Up)


I actually had these fields as "Required" but I usually get slightly frustrated when for a given question doesn't make sense to full a required field, so I left it as optional. Thank you for the kind words!


Where is GC Support?

Dan 2 days ago in Other 0

There are at least 30 threads with no posts from GC support backing up several weeks now; most of the ones with comments are just the OP following up to his own question. Where is Marti? JSonMac is practically the only user helping answer any of the questions... is Discord the only place to get help now?



My first Game CHESTNUT GROVE is now available, utilizing Game Creator a bit.

Phazorknight 2 months ago in Other updated by Sam Leitch 2 months ago 1

Hey everyone,
Hope it's okay to post this here, but I just released my first "proper" Indie Game, and some gameplay elements in it were made with Game Creator, so I thought it might be nice to show here.

Feel free to check out the full game at https://www.philipdrobar.com/chestnutgrove

And please let me know what you think!


In-game modular building system

Skypatcher 4 months ago in Other updated 4 months ago 2

Suggestion for a new Game Creator module:  In-game modular building system such as


It will be nice to integrate it with Inventory, Stat, and other modules.


Footage of My open world graphic-novel

contact 6 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 3

First I want to thank Marti for his consistent effort and support, very good! Second I share Here My first early footage of my artgame / videogame, exploration narrative graphic-novel. The game concentrates on place, moments, atmosphere & discovering it's characters and stories. I have this clear concept of an book of which all chapters have fallen apart, like splattered pages in an 2d/3d environment.

 It is an seamless open world with no clear start or ending. An true walking simulator. No save games, glitchy as hell, no real world rules. I have no idea where this project is heading. Under development could be an Egypt location, the moon? I have no Idea what stories will guide You there, but You I know You at least meet God in person. 


How do you upload to the HUB?

eagleeyez 9 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 3

This is the HUB https://hub.gamecreator.io/

Anyone know how to upload here? I am logged on but I see no upload possibilities.

I have made custom actions for the Oculus Quest Controllers.

Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago

Ok, got answered in another post.

I have to set my profile to publisher in the hub at the top right.


Asset store MFPP and CG resource - crashes after calling pause menu.

Tomasz Szymczak 4 weeks ago in Other updated by ProfPivec 4 weeks ago 2

I have a question. I noticed that GC conflicts with the resource with this:


I would like to use this resource in my production, but after starting the game, the exe file is like playing and pushing "ESC" To enter the pause menu, the game crashes and crashes. Has anyone already used this MFPP resource from CG?

If so, please help.

Thank you in advance.


Puppetmaster Support? Or Can Player Ragdoll Upon Hit?

LunarEx Games 4 weeks ago in Other updated 4 weeks ago 0

Hello. I'm trying to get Puppetmaster from Rootmotion to work but having an issue where it's not working. Do you plan on having support for this asset? I've been able to setup with other controllers where the player can get hit by an object and it'll get back up but cannot setup properly with CG.

Or is there a way where can object can make my player ragdoll, like it gets hit with a cube or any collision object, and have it ragdoll and get up. I think GC may already do this as I see a get up animations but not sure how to activate. Have the player get knocked around like a ragdoll.

I'm essentially working on a obstacle course and want the player to fall down when it runs into objects. It does well with Puppetmaster to achieve this affect so hoping GC may be able to skip that.


Do I need or can I use Animancer pro in GC?

Philipp 1 month ago in Other updated 1 month ago 6

Header says it all :) Do I need or can I use Animancer pro in GC? Eagleeyez asked this nine months ago I think, but the answer wasn't clear for me but was related to the Traversal Module.

A short answer is all I need for this (well maybe a sentence ;)



attach foots to object

Syed Suhaib Zubair 2 months ago in Other updated by BV123 2 months ago 1

My question is related to posture. for example. i am riding on an animal like horse. there are some mount points on the horse.

how to attach foot to a mount point like saddle and hands on rein whenever i start animation of mounting from any side of horse.  

i have already an animation of riding on animal. 

i am using a marker on right side of an animal.

but due to any reason of scene and animal position the animation not work perfect. mean body position not perfect after riding.

so i want that when i call mounting it should place his foot exactly on saddle mount point first and ride accordingly properly.

hope you understand. please reply soon.