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Love the new Forum

ProfPivec 1 year ago in Other updated by anonymous 1 year ago 4

This is SOOOOO much better than Discord for a support tool. Well done (Thumbs Up)


I actually had these fields as "Required" but I usually get slightly frustrated when for a given question doesn't make sense to full a required field, so I left it as optional. Thank you for the kind words!


In-game modular building system

Skypatcher 1 month ago in Other updated 1 month ago 2

Suggestion for a new Game Creator module:  In-game modular building system such as


It will be nice to integrate it with Inventory, Stat, and other modules.


Footage of My open world graphic-novel

contact 4 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 3

First I want to thank Marti for his consistent effort and support, very good! Second I share Here My first early footage of my artgame / videogame, exploration narrative graphic-novel. The game concentrates on place, moments, atmosphere & discovering it's characters and stories. I have this clear concept of an book of which all chapters have fallen apart, like splattered pages in an 2d/3d environment.

 It is an seamless open world with no clear start or ending. An true walking simulator. No save games, glitchy as hell, no real world rules. I have no idea where this project is heading. Under development could be an Egypt location, the moon? I have no Idea what stories will guide You there, but You I know You at least meet God in person. 


How do you upload to the HUB?

eagleeyez 6 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 3

This is the HUB https://hub.gamecreator.io/

Anyone know how to upload here? I am logged on but I see no upload possibilities.

I have made custom actions for the Oculus Quest Controllers.

Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago

Ok, got answered in another post.

I have to set my profile to publisher in the hub at the top right.


How to make a Foot Steps.

Olga 3 weeks ago in Other updated by Dornano 2 weeks ago 5

Hi! Is it possible to make a foot steps? Like in "Invector " for example they have a foot tracks with  sounds depending on materials.

Thank you!


detect height of gameobject

Syed Suhaib Zubair 4 weeks ago in Other updated 4 weeks ago 2

Is there a way to detect height or width of a cube or any wall or building. i mean to say is there a way if player on enter can we get the height of an object in front of the player. so we can perform accordingly like climbing or jumping etc.

Is there any solution for it? please guide


add to list variable on player enter

Syed Suhaib Zubair 2 months ago in Other updated 1 month ago 6

I want to discuss a situation and need a solution. i am confused how to use list variables with gameobjects and bool values.

i have a building and some room doors are open and some doors are closed. i want to do that if  "on player enter" trigger the door is already open then close the door and if not then open the door. i add local variable of bool on each door with name "IsOpen". if player enter it change its value true to false or vice versa. but i want to make the list of doors and if i am near a door "IsOpen" bool condition works according to the GameObject.  hope you understand what i am trying to say.

how to Get the name of Door and open or close it accordingly.


Spell creation system

Michael Pierce 2 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 month ago 3

I'm aware the Shooter module allows the creation of a wand (https://support.gamecreator.io/communities/1/topics/375-action-to-cast-a-spell) but I'm looking for a complete spell creation system; something with the ability to choose and display all the visual goodness that comes with typical spell casting. 

Similar to this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLw7Y7lUmqrIKl_3sP6iAxub3d1QgYUZvE&time_continue=3&v=SVsyXzXryLo&feature=emb_title)


Support reply?

DorkToast | LIVE on Twitch 2 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 1

Good afternoon,

Our team has been hoping for a response from your email hello@catsoft-studios.com for quite some time. I really don't want to publicly discuss this support request, but if you would please reply I would be greatly appreciative.

The initial email was sent on May 26, 2020 and there have been four follow-up emails since then, the most recent being June 9th.

Under review

Using HUB additions

jasailor 2 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 1

I want to add the " != "capability and have down loaded it.  How to I add it to the Game Creator options in the editor?