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Love the new Forum

ProfPivec 7 months ago in Other updated by anonymous 7 months ago 4

This is SOOOOO much better than Discord for a support tool. Well done (Thumbs Up)

Marti (Lead Developer) 7 months ago

I actually had these fields as "Required" but I usually get slightly frustrated when for a given question doesn't make sense to full a required field, so I left it as optional. Thank you for the kind words!


How do you upload to the HUB?

eagleeyez 5 days ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) yesterday at 4:18 a.m. 3

This is the HUB https://hub.gamecreator.io/

Anyone know how to upload here? I am logged on but I see no upload possibilities.

I have made custom actions for the Oculus Quest Controllers.

Marti (Lead Developer) yesterday at 4:18 a.m.

Ok, got answered in another post.

I have to set my profile to publisher in the hub at the top right.


I would like to Purchase the asset Game Creator and all its modules - Any sales or price reduction?

gazzooks 4 weeks ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 weeks ago 2

Like the subject line indicates;

Iin purchasing everything all at one, is there or could you provide a loyalty price?


Hi Gazzooks;

Unfortunately, Unity doesn't allow to make product discounts or discounted bundles (only gives us 12 free vouchers and these are used for internal beta testing).



SS_Slayer 4 weeks ago in Other updated 4 weeks ago 2


Thanks to your wonderful tools.

I was successful to make my character crouch by holding a key, but the problem is that it can't walk under objects. how can I fix it? 

I've figured out that by decreasing the height of the character controller capsule, it can make it through but I wan it to decrease the height when only I'm holding the crouch key.


Hi SS_Slayer;

As you say, you need to decrease the height of the character. One way of doing this is by using the "On Key Down" to decrease the height and "On Key Up" to restore the height to its original value.

You may also want to use the Condition "Character height" to detect whether the character can stand up in the middle of a vent tube.


GameCreator use networking for Multiplayer

Wazza 3 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 2

Hello, love Game Creator I think the only thing missin is a networking service for multiplayer that works like Photon or with it. And another module if its not to hard is a animation for lips eye and mouth move by keywords. I could help with the tedous stuff if needed. And i have a few more module Ideas if you would like to hear more just send a email.

Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago

No worries! Just to detail a bit more the answer, there's an unofficial Game Creator module that enables you to create multiplayer games with Game Creator using Photon: gamecreator.page.link/multiplayer


Can I introduce GameCreator on blog?

ms11165 4 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

Hello. I'm developing an adventure game using game creator.
I'm Japanese but I haven't seen many people using this asset yet.

Is It possible to introduce this asset on a blog (in Japanese)?

Is there anything that should not be posted at this time? For example, source code not included in documents that can only be seen after purchase, and internal structures related to it (of course)

Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago

Hi ms11165, of course you're free to blog about Game Creator :-) Let us know if you need any material, such as high resolution images or have any questions.

About if there are any limitations to what can be published, just use common sense. For example, don't post the entire source code, but if you need to showcase how to create an Action, you're free to do show an except of the IAction component.

If the post is very technical, you can go in detail, no problem for us. As long as you don't give away code that can be used as is in a project :-)



【JP】Can users promote Game Creator in Youtube?

yuutarikirik03vt105webworks 5 months ago in Other updated by kirikochan_nel 5 months ago 2

Can I upload the greatness of Game Creator as a video on Youtube and introduce it to my followers?

Can I introduce you to the Game Creator Youtube channel?

Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago

Hi Yuu. Sorry for answering this late, I was at Unite Copenhagen and had very limited time to answer. The answer is yes, you can. Contact us via private message if you need graphic material such as high-res logos or have any questions ;-)


RPG Camera

Trevor 6 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 1

I was wondering how I can set up an RPG camera to follow the player top down at an angle but there doesn't seem to be one in the camera motor option? 

I would have thought that would have been one of the main cameras to add if you had a click to move controller for the player. Is that going to be added in a later release? Or can anyone help me add this to the already existing camera motor?

Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago

Hi Trevor! The Top-Down camera perspective you're looking is called "Follow Camera" motor: https://docs.gamecreator.io/game-creator/game-creator/camera/camera-motors#follow-camera-motor.

As a summary, this motor accepts an anchor, which is the object that the camera tries to keep up with and a target, which is the object that the motor looks at. In both cases, the object should be set as the Player.

To make the top-down perspective, simply increase the Anchor's Y component so the camera follows the Player from an aerial point of view. Let us know if you have any problems setting this up :-)


[The Sword Skills] This is a question on how to make a special move involving particles.

kirikochan_nel 6 months ago in Other updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 4

I'm making a special move with reference to the GameCreator statsasset fireball.
When I create a fireball that includes a party system, I'm worried about the following error.
If anyone knows how to solve it, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago

The reason for the error was just that I was not linking the Animation Event.

Marti (Lead Developer) 6 months ago

Hey Rift. Happy to hear it's been fixed. Just in case any other user has the same issue, the problem was probably because you were using the Play Music Action, instead of the Play Sound.

There's a subtle difference between these two:

  • Music: Looped audio clips that start over and over again. There can only be one at a time
  • Sound: Audio clips that can be played simultaneously and don't start over once they finish.