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Having a problem with capture hits

deadpunch 2 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 month ago 4


I am working on an Action Hack and Slash game that involves fast stylized combat. I have set up a test character and implemented the weapon and melee clips but when I test out the combat I get some form of ghosting on weapon where not all hits are captured in the combo, if I slow down the combo then it works but anything fast-paced like for example Devil May Cry combo style gives me this problem. I have tried playing with settings on the melee weapon hit capture, I get slightly better results with a Sphere than a Segment but still, some hits are not captured (see the video attached). Is there something I'm missing or is it a bug?


Melee Combo creator is broken

YeetLordSupreme 3 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 5

Fairly simple and easy to reproduce.  In the combo creator you cannot select any button other than "A".  You can click on the "A" button, and the dropdown list showing other keys does appear, however no matter what you click, it will not change from "A".  

I tried manually editing the weapon file with a text editor, but since I couldn't figure out what value the other keys were, I only managed to turn it into a "-1" combo, lol.


Trying to set up a basic Melee Damage system

CTheC 3 months ago in Melee updated 3 months ago 6

Hello I just bought game creator and the melee kit, sadly I'm not a programmer but I have managed to do a great deal with the kit already, custom animations and models, all really easy, I love it!

Now I am ready to make my first basic concept for a game, two people fight, one dies, the game is over or you move on to a new scene with a harder fight.

The downside is right now I can't figure out how to give a character hit points or health?

What would be the quickest and simplest way to do this do you think? I am willing to buy any of the other addons if that is easier. 

Its very simple what I need, both characters to have 100 health, when you get hit by an attack you lose X health (based on what the attack is, like the block system) 

How would I go about doing this? Right now the melee hit system seems to be set, and you can't add another variable to what happens when you are hit.

Under review

Proper and clear tutorial for to use the melee mod

Loren Collazo 4 months ago in Melee updated by Xzm Xzm 4 months ago 4

I am having a hard time using the melee mod and finding a proper tutorial on how to use it. is there going to be an official how to use tutorial coming out, or is there a discord server to be used so I can talk to an actual person on how to use melee for my game dev skills?


Melee - Is it possible to use kicks with a melee weapon?

Solos Interactive 1 month ago in Melee updated by Navarro Family 1 month ago 4

Hi there

It may be answered elsewhere, but is it possible to add a kick into a combo for a melee weapon?

I've added it in, however the blade still has the weapon trail enabled. And I haven't checked, but I imagine that the kick does no damage.

Is it possible to change the weapon trail to the leg, without setting up a whole new "melee weapon" for the leg, and trying to switch weapons on the fly?



Is it possible to use more than one WeaponModel in one Weapon?

ちょろめ 2 months ago in Melee updated 2 months ago 2

It is possible to use more than one WeaponModel with one type of Weapon, like the twin swords?

Is it possible to attach a BladeComponent to them to make attack decisions in multiple locations?


Melee: Being attacked even when my weapon is not out ?

Dornano 2 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 3

When the Player has his weapon out (draw), I get hit by ennemy, that's good. But when my weapon is in (sheathe), I don't receive the enemy attacks (see video).

How should I fix this?

2020-05-24 14-37-06.mp4


Need different attacks based on input

khuongduy4693 17 hours ago in Melee 0

How can I create a combo with input like Devil May Cry. 

For example: 

* Combo A: A-A-A-A

* Combo B: A_A-A-A

* Combo C: A-A_A-A-A

Between press time has a little wait time will make a different combo.


Issue / Bug : Melee on hit - Actions not being blocked

IndieGameHustle yesterday at 10:42 a.m. in Melee updated yesterday at 10:42 a.m. 0


I am trying to block enemy attacks. I have the blocking setup correctly and the defense and poise is working correctly.

However, when a enemy attacks the player it is still reducing the health. 

The enemy has their own weapon setup. The action clip is where I am using the On-Hit to reduce the player health.

When the player Blocks ( I am using a Trigger to invoke the Block Mechanic for the player. ) The Blocking is working but the On-hit is still reducing health.


How to get enemy attacks to only effect the player?

Dante 2 days ago in Melee updated by Mathalous 23 hours ago 1


This might be a super basic question. So i am using the melee module and everything works fine. The only issue is that when I have a group of enemies, if they stand to close and attack, they can hit each other. Is there a way to set up an attack so it only plays a hit reaction when it hits the player?