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Melee Combo creator is broken

YeetLordSupreme 1 week ago in Melee updated 5 days ago 2

Fairly simple and easy to reproduce.  In the combo creator you cannot select any button other than "A".  You can click on the "A" button, and the dropdown list showing other keys does appear, however no matter what you click, it will not change from "A".  

I tried manually editing the weapon file with a text editor, but since I couldn't figure out what value the other keys were, I only managed to turn it into a "-1" combo, lol.


Trying to set up a basic Melee Damage system

CTheC 4 weeks ago in Melee updated 4 weeks ago 6

Hello I just bought game creator and the melee kit, sadly I'm not a programmer but I have managed to do a great deal with the kit already, custom animations and models, all really easy, I love it!

Now I am ready to make my first basic concept for a game, two people fight, one dies, the game is over or you move on to a new scene with a harder fight.

The downside is right now I can't figure out how to give a character hit points or health?

What would be the quickest and simplest way to do this do you think? I am willing to buy any of the other addons if that is easier. 

Its very simple what I need, both characters to have 100 health, when you get hit by an attack you lose X health (based on what the attack is, like the block system) 

How would I go about doing this? Right now the melee hit system seems to be set, and you can't add another variable to what happens when you are hit.


Melee: Being attacked even when my weapon is not out ?

Dornano yesterday at 7:42 a.m. in Melee updated by EEYAN 23 hours ago 2

When the Player has his weapon out (draw), I get hit by ennemy, that's good. But when my weapon is in (sheathe), I don't receive the enemy attacks (see video).

How should I fix this?

2020-05-24 14-37-06.mp4

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Proper and clear tutorial for to use the melee mod

Loren Collazo 2 months ago in Melee updated by Xzm Xzm 1 month ago 4

I am having a hard time using the melee mod and finding a proper tutorial on how to use it. is there going to be an official how to use tutorial coming out, or is there a discord server to be used so I can talk to an actual person on how to use melee for my game dev skills?


How to set up a clean death ?

Dornano yesterday at 4:18 p.m. in Melee 0

It may sounds obvious, but how do you do to set up the death of an enemy, or the Player, in your projects ?

Knowing that I want to keep the corpse (not destroy it) but I'm not using Ragdoll, since I far prefer to play an animation which sounds more natural to me.

Now, I have issue with my Player. When he attacks me and bring my life down to zero, a "death" state is played, the Player is not controllable anymore and a Game Over scene is about to load slowly. But if the enemy continue to attack me after I'm dead, my Player will stand up again, I don't know how to avoid that.

Same goes with the enemy's death. Using Melee, how can I play a "death" state and make him not moving anymore when his life is down to zero ?

Thanks for your help !


Does Melee works... even without sword?

Dornano 3 days ago in Melee updated 2 days ago 4

I know. It's weird. But can the Melee module be useful even if we don't use any sword? For example, a zombie who attacks with his hands?


Sound Delay for Attack Sound?

EEYAN 5 days ago in Melee updated 2 days ago 2

I'm using the melee module, and was wondering if there was any way to add a delay for the attack sound? I could edit the files themselves either manually or with a python script, but before I do that, is there some way to already do that? Or perhaps add it in through editing the MeleeClip file itself?


Avoid draw animation.

Riccardo Provazza 1 week ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 week ago 5

How can I make the player attack without draw animation?

Video Example:


How to kill a non-humanoid character

Bruv 1 week ago in Melee updated by Sam Leitch 3 days ago 16

I am still trying to kill my damned spider. So, is GC totally not suitable for non-humanoid characters? Or is there some alternative function/condition/trigger setup I could use to effectively kill my spider enemy when its health reaches zero? I don't need the model to ragdoll because I already have a die.anim. I just need an "isdead" type function or functions that will release the target from all control and just leave it......dead! This is very frustrating because spiders are an integral part of my game. Please help!


Move Toward Focus Target?

Navarro Family 1 week ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 week ago 1

My apologies if this is more of an Idea, than a question.

I'm needing to use the Focus Target's position (When player is focusing on the target) and move my Player towards target, when I trigger the action.  Is there any way to do this currently?

 On the MoveCharacter action, it would be great to have "FocusTarget" as one of the options with "Position,Transform etc."

Or just be able to have the FocusTarget's GameObject as a Local or Global Variable to drag into Actions.

Thanks again!