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Audio Empty Suggestion

Crispy 12 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 2

Currently it plays the Audio Empty before reloading. But the usual behavior with auto reloading should be: If there's more Ammo -> Reload -> else play Audio Empty. Without auto reloading, semi-auto will work fine, but for automatic fire the usual behavior is this: The player holds down the shoot button -> weapon fires till empty -> on empty, there may or may not be an Audio Empty (usually Audio Empty is used to give the player some sort of feedback when he tries to shoot when the mag is empty -- personally I won't have an Audio Empty upon emptying the mag, but only if the player keeps on trying to shoot) -> let's say the player keeps on trying to shoot even though he hasn't reloaded -> every On Mouse Down, there should only be ONE Audio Empty (nobody wants to hear the Audio Empty at 400 RPM).

Marti (Lead Developer) 11 months ago

Agree that if there's still ammo in the pouch and the weapon is set to automatically reload, the empty sound effect shouldn't play. However, if your weapon is set to auto and you have no ammo left neither in the magazine or the pouch, the sound effect will be triggered every time you try to shoot. If you don't want this behavior, you'll have to add a Condition that checks whether there's enough ammo and just play it once.


Shooting Without Aiming and Other Important Features

Crispy 12 months ago in Shooter updated by luke 2 months ago 6

Hip-firing is really common in shooter games. I think we should be allowed to shoot while in the Ease state.

Also, currently if you Stop Aiming while reloading, it will stop the reload animation and go into the Ease state (even with Wait Till Complete on). And the magazine will still be reloaded. However, some people may want this behavior (of course without the magazine still being reloaded) -- for example, while reloading, a common behavior is being able to interrupt it by: Aiming or Shooting. There should be another state that also can interrupt the reload: a melee state. Like mentioned in Discord, a basic melee attack is standard in shooter games.

Summary: be able to shoot during the Ease state, disallow the changing of States while reloading, add a Cancel Reload Action (to allow the changing of States), add a Melee state (simply being able to play a gesture, and having an "On Melee" action list), and allow the Crosshair to be configured for every state (ex. I may or may not want a crosshair during the Ease state or I may want a different crosshair). I don't think these are specific for my case. I think they apply to almost every shooter out there. It's the best solution besides allowing us to configure the FSM ourselves.

Marti (Lead Developer) 12 months ago

You can not shoot from an "On Ease" state because only when entering aiming mode you specify how and where you want to shoot. There are many aiming strategies to select from. Check out the latest video tutorial and you'll see that you can add the "Aim Weapon" action right after drawing the weapon. This allows you to skip the On Ease state and jump right into the aiming.

As for the Actions, we will take a look. Might be useful to have that and we'll open a ticket to investigate including it.


Crosshair aiming and using reload action with bow.

Steve Nock 12 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 12 months ago 2

A couple of issues that I am not sure if they are bugs or intended.

First one is.  When shooting the bow (using projectile and crosshair) the arrow always hits around half a metre left of the crosshair.  I have min and max spread set to 0 and the projectile aiming at camera (could not find one to aim at crosshair).  I am using a secondary camera for archery which moves the character to the left so that the crosshair target is not obscured behind the character.

Second one is the reload / shoot action.  I have an action that draws an arrow, aims and then charges up.  I am using the reload action.  This is set with auto reload and infinite ammo off.  Ammo is set to 1.  It activates with left mouse down and releasing the left mouse button activates the shot.  I am getting it so that my character reloads, aims and charges... then does not fire on releasing the mouse button... hitting the mouse button again, he does not reload, aim or charge and then releasing again and he fires.  Not sure if this is intended for use with guns rather than bows... but I cannot find a way to make him to run the reload animation using auto reload.

Video below and thanks again!

Marti (Lead Developer) 12 months ago

Circling back to this issue and we assessed that our implementation of the infinite ammo was incorrect. From now on, when a weapon has infinite ammo, the clip size will still decrease until it needs to be reloaded.

However, there's a case where you'd want to have a character infinitely shoot without reloading weapons. For that case, you can simply use the Add Ammo Clip action and increase by 1 the amount of bullets in your magazine right after shooting. This will ensure that your weapon never runs dry.

I'm marking this issue as fixed. You'll see changes in the upcoming update.



Steve Nock 12 months ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 12 months ago 1

We spoke earlier on discord (Hypna Muay).  This is a small video of the issue I am having with the shooter module using a custom character.  I tried to show each area of interest during the video (bone structure and character inspector).  If I replace the avatarmask with any mask for my archeryidle state, the falling over action stops.

I uploaded to youtube as the video has a largish file size.  I'll remove it as soon you let me know you have seen it. 


Shooter Release Date?

eagleeyez 1 year ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 3

Just as the title asks. I cannot find any info on just when the shooter module will be released.

Thanks for any ETA on this.-


The Shooter module should be available by the end of this month / beginning of the next. Just as a heads up, yesterday we finished the module. We're polishing the Editor's interface, creating all the necessary icons as well as the documentation.

The Shooter module will come with the following weapons as examples (although you're not limited to them, you can create any you want):

  • Revolver
  • Bow
  • Sniper
  • Grenade



First Person Shooter

Crispy 1 year ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 3

From what I know, GC isn't very first person friendly, but with the shooter module coming up, I wonder if we'll be able to create a first person shooter as easily as a third person shooter. For example, how would we add first person hands? And would we still be able to use Gestures? Would hand IK still work?


Yes, First Person shooting will be supported out of the box. As for the First Person hands, it's just a matter of adding the 3D model of the hands, without a head (which might clip through the camera). 

Gestures & IK will work as well.