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Regarding Shooter infinite ammo

EdXL 1 week ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 days ago 3

Hi, I have set "Infinite ammo" to true on ammo but it still needs to reload the ammo...

According to document:

Infinite Ammo checkbox tells the Shooter system to skip checking and subtracting bullets from the magazine. However, notice that, because bullets won't decrease, your clip size will never be reduced and the shooter won't ever need to reload.

Just wondering how can I stop the player reloading? thanks.


Shooter Module First Person

Crispy 7 months ago in Shooter updated 6 months ago 8

Currently it doesn't work with FPS arms because it expects a humanoid model.

Please make it work with FPS arms. I don't think it'll be hard. The Weapon and Ammunition objects just need to be more generic. Also, under 3D Model where you insert a gun to be attached to the hand, that isn't necessary, because the 3D Model should be parented to the Main Camera.

The following free asset is really good as it has everything from animations to sounds. It has 2 weapons, so you can set up draw and holster weapons, which I'm having trouble with. I've seen a developer use it in a tutorial video as well, so maybe you can make a video and kill two birds with one stone :) https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/weapons/low-poly-fps-pack-free-sample-144839

For the Weapon object, I think it'll be useful to add a "On Aim" and "On Ease" action list like what you have in the Ammunition object.

Marti (Lead Developer) 7 months ago

You are mixing two complete systems. Game Creator requires a certain set up and the example that comes with the package you mention is set up differently. How Game Creator camera works is by copying the Player's position and rotation and transferring that data to the main camera. So, the idea is that the Character/Player moves around the scene, and it's the camera that follows up.

For the hands to point to where the camera looks at, we have created a forward kinematic algorithm that procedurally bends the spine and shoulders of the character. Your 3D model should be a humanoid in order for Game Creator to read each spine bone and apply the correct rotation.

If you want to use a non-humanoid character, you can still do, but you'll have to get creative. You can hide the Player/Character model and use the other package's set up (parenting the 3D model under the camera) but you are not getting access to the Muzzle Component, which is required in order for the Shooter module to know where the tip of the gun is and its direction.

Using a non-humanoid character that requires up/down movement is not doable at the moment. I'm opening a ticket, but it's not something that can be easily changed.


custom weapon attachment for generics rigs

ryubi 1 week ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 days ago 2


i've asked if i can attach a weapon outside of the established bone structure in gc such as head, right hand etc before and you said no.

now can i revise my question to:

how would i go about adding a weapon to any place in a generic player.

scripting is fine too. can i get a general idea about how to go about scripting and which part of GC i have to modify?



How to start with bullets in my magazine when I pull out a weapon so I don't reload every time?

Mirabel 4 weeks ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 weeks ago 3


I am wondering, how can I start with the magazine full when I pull out a weapon? The way it seems to work now is that each time I pull out a weapon I need to reload before I shoot and this becomes unpleasant after some time. 

Your help would be much appreciated, this is the only inconvenience so far with the Shooter module.

Have a wonderful day!

Under review

dual wielding for shooter module

ryubi 1 month ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 month ago 4

dual pistols pls.


Variable weapon zoom

Sam Leitch 14 hours ago in Shooter 0


I am looking to implament a secondary zoom mode for both normal guns (iron sight mode) and a 2x zoom example mode mode for snipers.

Is there something pre-built into Game Creator or is this an on trigger key enter 'z' you swop to a secondary zoom?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




FPS weapon aim pitch and rotation issue

Ernst 2 days ago in Shooter 0

Hello! I'm having an issue on play mode with the camera pitch when using the FPS character. When the camera looks above a certain angle the weapon seems to loose information about where it is anchored to and starts a random rotation (I'll put a video reference).

The strange part is that this random rotation stops when the character is on sight on the editor window. I have tried installing the Shooter module on another empty project but it is the same. It also happens on the example scenes.



Speed up lowerbodyrotation transition time?

Navarro Family 3 days ago in Shooter updated 3 days ago 1

For my weapon, I have to set the LowerBodyRotation to 64, for it to look right.

However, when I press the aim trigger, my player slowly rotates into position.

My player should be Locked, Loaded and ready to shoot upon pressing aim, not slowly rotating into position.

I'm looking for a Transition time variable to speed this rotation up, is there any way to do this?

Thanks again


Shooter adjustable damage

Sam Leitch 5 days ago in Shooter updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 days ago 1


I am wanting to do different damages per weapon, once again RVRs videos have been spectacular. 

Currently using his variable damage technique. Having a lot of success.

The issue im having is these actions only apply to the weapon picked up in scene where i can apply them.

Is there a way to utilise these actions on weapons brought at a merchant, pre existing container and enemy drops?

These options all come directly from the item list in Game Creator. Can i add these in the back end somewhere to make them effect all guns?

Any help would be much appreciated

If there is an easier way to apply different damage per gun i would love to know it!

Under review

Charged Shot trigger - Weapon does not fire on reloaded scene

heysarahshere 6 days ago in Shooter updated 2 days ago 2

If I load the last save, or load scene B from scene A, the weapon trigger stops working. The reload trigger works, but no charged shot will start. I switched to 'disable charged shots' but the trigger still did not work. The pool of projectile objects don't load. 

I have tried adding the start and execute charged shot triggers to the weapon prefab, to the player, or just in the scene, but nothing changes.

My player character is in each scene in a prefab with the camera and camera motor, and the player has player shooter, player equipment, and a player hook.

This is the way the ammo is set up:

How do I make sure the trigger saves correctly? I will try to see if it works when not using projectiles, but I would really like to keep it this way.