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How Can I Make AI Detect and Open Doors Blocking NavMesh Path (Behavior Module + Conditions)

Cr4shBarcode 1 day ago in Behavior 0

I have enemy AI following a patrol pattern via the Behavior Module. I'm trying to give him the ability to open closed doors that are blocking his path in the NavMesh. I have the idea to put a trigger box around the doors and use an "On Enter" kind of trigger, but I'm not sure how to reconcile this with the behavior module. Each door has a local "Is Open" bool. If "Is Open" is false, but the AI needs to go through it to reach its destination via the NavMesh, I want him to pause his Behavior, trigger an open door animation, and continue the Behavior where he left off. That way, when enemy AI is chasing the Player, they will not be deterred if the Player shuts a door in its face. I'm new to the Behavior Module and have absolutely no idea how to pull this off. Can anyone give any suggestions?


How to Organize Behavior Tree With Parallel Actions for Each Task?

Cr4shBarcode 3 days ago in Behavior 0

I'm using the Behavior Module and I've been following the online tutorial. My enemy has two types of banter set to run parallel to his actions: banter running parallel to his patrol action, and banter running parallel to when he is following the player. I don't know enough about behavior trees to be sure, but do I need to change the selector node into a sequence node in order to have different parallel actions for both the follow and the patrol actions?


How to Make Audio Come From a Character or Game Object?

Cr4shBarcode 4 days ago in Behavior updated 3 days ago 5

I am making an enemy that will follow the Player around the level and taunt him. I put an Audio Source component on his head. But when I go to use the "Play Sound 3D" action, there are options to attach audio to the Player, a position, and Invoker (not sure what that is), a transform, and a bunch of variables, but I can't see how any of that will help me attach the sound to a moving character who is not the Player. What should I do?

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how to make perception sight to see any part of a model or a custom collider?

Niukeh 1 week ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 days ago 1

Im not sure, but it seems the perception component detects only the center of the character controller collider, please correect me if im wrong. I want to be able to use  any part of the  collider  or a custom collider to check if its visible beacause right now my 1.8 meters tall player can hide behind a 1m wall just because the center of the character controller is below the 1 meter tall wall. Any thoughts or solutions apreciated. hope it makes sense , Thanks.


Using Markers in 2D with Behaviours

Oliver Marshall 1 month ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 2 weeks ago 9


I want to create a patrol route for an NPC in my 2D game. However, I can't see a way to refer to Markers within Behaviours. 

There's nothing really in the docs on how to use Markers other than to explain what they are. 

Does anyone have any guidance on how to use Markers and make an NPC move to one?



Custom action to be used in a BT: get quest/task status and return Failed or Success accordingly

moreiramario 1 month ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 month ago 1

Hi there,

In order to control my game play, I need to add to my BT an action that gets a given Quest/task status (active, completed...) and depending of it, returns Failed or Success (then to impact a Decorator rule).

Can you please advise?



Agents idle at Player's last position instead of Following

Crispy 2 months ago in Behavior updated by AyphixLLC Entertainment 1 month ago 2


The AI acts "stupid".

Marti (Lead Developer) 2 months ago

Have you tried reducing the number of agents? My guess is that you're using Unity's Navigation Mesh. When you tell a character to move to a certain position using the Navmesh AI system, Unity delegates calculating the path to a secondary thread, in case it takes a while, so the game doesn't stall.

Having that many agents is probably increasing the amount of calculations Unity has to make. So, while these paths are being calculated, they follow the previous path.


Wait Till Complete not working

Crispy 3 months ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 1

Very simple tree:

Left Task:

Right Task:

I want the zombie to finish its attack, but this is what happens: https://streamable.com/36hmt

Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago

This is actually how it should work. Nodes on the far left take higher priority in the standard behavior tree implementation; so if the distance between the enemy and the player is lower than a certain threshold, it will stop whatever it's doing and jump to the higher priority node.

In order to lock the animation clip, you'll need to make use of a Blackboard variable. Create a boolean variable called "is-attacking" and set it to true before playing the gesture and revert to false when the enemy completes the animation. Also, on the Condition that checks the distance between the player and the enemy, add also a variable check whether the enemy is attacking or not.

This should be a good solution.


Character Wall Avoidance during Patrol of Markers?

Jack 4 months ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 3

I'm looking to turn a character away from running into a wall when either following the player or following a patrol route. Can't find any tutorials covering this specifically and am not familiar with what could help prevent this. 

Any help pointing me in the right direction to accomplish this would be a big help since I'm not good on the programming side.

Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago

Nevermind, I believe I figured it out with Navmeshes. My bad.



Andi Rutz 4 months ago in Behavior updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

I think it would be great to have:

VFX slot on Items.

Basic Prefabs to speed up the process like an Enemy prefab, merchant prefab, etc... 

Also if you incorporate this tool https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/ai/easy-population-102334 it would be so cool! 

I'm actually working on making it work with GC behaviour module to be able to instantiate large crowds and modify their behaviour individually by Behaviour Graphs on prefabs but no luck yet.  Heres a video of my game using this. 


another cool thing would be to have a companion behaviour for either pets or mercenaries. 

Just a few ideas I think might add a tad more value to the engine. :) love this product BTW! bought all but the conversation module which I'm thinking of acquiring soon. 

Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago

Hi Andi, thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately we can't incorporate other Asset Store packages onto our project, as we don't want to force other users to purchase them.

As an idea on how to create behaviors for your crowds, try splitting the logic into sub-behaviors. Check out our video tutorial on how to make a Hide & Seek and you'll see we decompose the entire graph into small chunks. For example, you can make a graph that salutes the player when it passes by and another one that looks at him/her. Using small and common graphs is very useful, since you can reuse them and swap them to create very complex logic with simple blocks. Also, it's much easier to maintain.

As for the companion, it's already possible (and quite easy!). Using the Follow Character action, you can make another character follow the Player around, keeping a certain distance so it looks more natural.

Happy game making!