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Zhav 🇰🇳 3 months ago in Dialogue updated 3 months ago 2

Possibly adding an option/support for TextMeshPro

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Dialogue conditions don't seem to block actions on the dialogue line

Pyro Game Studio 1 week ago in Dialogue updated 1 day ago 6

In the example below:

All the dialogue lines have conditions. However only the last 2 line have actions.

- The "You've returned with the box! Thank you!" dialogue has an action that sets a quest to completed.

- The "Thank you for all your help my friend!" dialogue has an action that sets the character gesture.

In this example all the conditions work perfectly and the dialogues are hidden when they're supposed to be.. however, when the "You've returned with the box! Thank you!" dialogue condition fails its action is still ran and I get this:

Basically the action is trying to set the quest: "return-to-naja" to complete, but it is already completed. Also when the "Thank you for all your help my friend!" dialogue condition fails, the gesture animation still plays even though the dialogue doesn't appear.

I'm using the latest version of the Dialogue module: 0.5.3

NOTE: I did find a work-around by placing the dialogue lines that have actions as a child of empty dialogue lines with no actions and giving those lines a quick autoplay of 0.5. This seems very hacky but it makes my dialogues work properly.


Hi Pyro. What it's happening is intended by design. If a dialogue line Condition returns false ("You've returned with the box, thank you!") it won't display that line and any of its children. However, it will continue displaying sibling lines below.

The solution to this problem is, as you say at the end, placing the "Thank you for all your help friend" line as a child of the "you've returned with the box. Thank you" line. No need to create empty dialogue lines. So, from what you initially had, all you needed to do is drag the last line and drop it as a child of the "You've returned with the box, thank you" line.

Hope this helps!


Visual Novel

Ocimpean 4 months ago in Dialogue updated by larrygj 1 month ago 9


I was looking at the dialogue module, and trying to figure out if it can be used for a Visual Novel, with the added benefit of Game Creator 3D interactivity?

In a VN there is more than just displaying few lines of text on the screen.

To have an idea what I am referring to, please check RenPy. I’m using RenPy usually for VN projects but I got few Unity plugins that are trying to do the job to a certain degree, but are not quite there yet... I looked at Naninovel and is the one coming closer in Unity to what you get in the free RenPy these days.