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Hurray for 1.0.1

Crispy 10 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 1

Did some testing today and the new update is a huge improvement! Thanks!


Feet Not Touching Ground

Crispy 10 months ago in Game Creator updated by robsdroid215 2 weeks ago 8

I played around with the Height and Center values but could not get the feet to touch the ground. I think it depends on the model, since it's fine for the default GC model. I know you have a few Synty assets. Could you do a test?

Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago

As you say, this depends on the 3D model. You can either change the Height of the height of the Character Controller component or open the character in Blender and change the origin of the 3D model and set it a bit higher (around the belly button).


Player move and stop immediately

Crispy 10 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 4

I'm in first person and I want the movement to be more responsive. There seems to be a bit of acceleration and deceleration -- especially when stopping. When directional key is released, I want to stop immediately. How can I do that?

Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago

I'm marking this issue as resolved and the solution will be shipped with Game Creator 1.0.1

We've replaced the GetAxis() method with GetAxisRaw() so the player has no easing when the user presses a directional key. However, we've also added two new character properties: Acceleration and Deceleration, which allow to modify the rate in which a Character will accelerate and decelerate when moving.

Not a bug

NavMesh agent inactive by default, model wont detect navmesh terrain or objects.

Andi Rutz 11 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 6

Can someone please help me with a navmesh issue? I set the ai to wander around but it doesn't use the navmesh agent. It has the checked box and when it spawns it has the agent script but its unchecked. And I cannot check it unless I uncheck Character Script. Thanks In advance!

Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago

Hi Andi. The Navigation Agent is disabled due to the Character being told to use the Character Controller instead of the Navigation Mesh. Let me explain this a bit.

Game Creator has two different controller systems: Character Controller for directional and standard movement, and Navigation Agent when traversing the environment with a target in mind.

We swap between these at runtime, so if the Character Controller system is running, we disable the Navigation Mesh Agent component. That's why you can't enable the Agent, because the Character system is using the Character Controller.

The wander script is made by a community member of Game Creator and he's probably using the Directional movement, instead of picking a random position of the map (which I believe it's fine, otherwise, you'd have to deal with edge cases, like trying to wander outside of the map's bounds and so on).

Try reaching him out. He may be willing to update the script in the Hub to support Navigation Mesh Agent.


Gamepad input

Wade 11 months ago in Game Creator updated by cloud cang 2 months ago 3

Just want to know if Game Creator has the capabilities to use a game pad and NOT just keyboard and mouse?

Marti (Lead Developer) 10 months ago

Yes (but with some quirks). We currently use Unity's Input System, which allows to map different key buttons to names. For example, the third-person camera perspective orbits around the player by default using the mouse's movement. This mouse movement is called Mouse X and Mouse Y.

These names are mapped to a particular scheme that can be modified under Edit -> Project Settings -> Input.

Bear in mind though, that each controller has its own key mapping. XBox Controller's map scheme is different from PS4's button scheme. You can google how these mappings work.

On the other hand, Unity is going to release a new Input system that will allow to streamline this process. Once this new Input system is stable and available by default, we'll support it.


Character select and move action like a RTS game

Gold Park 2 hours ago in Game Creator 0


I'm making a game like an Anno series and I'm wondering if I can make these actions by Game Creator.

1. Select a character or characters by both ways mouseclick and box selection.

2. When Mouseover on a character, mouse cursor change.

3. When select a character displays an animation(VFX) on the bottom of a character.

4. After selecting a character I want to make the character move to some point like Point click.

5. When clicking some position on the ground, display an animation(VFX) on the position.

6. After the character arrives at the position the animation(VFX) disappears.

I tried many ways and read the description, but I still can't figure out, so I'm asking here.

Maybe these actions can be made by playmaker but I really like the Game Creator more, so I hope Game Creator offers these actions. 

Thank you.


Problem figuring out how to add currency using prefabs

Evelas 5 hours ago in Game Creator 0

Hi all,

I recently purchased Game Creator and all the additional modules and been trying to follow youtube tutorials and researched support here but I couldn't find what I was looking for - apologies if I didn't notice that the solution was already in here.

I am working on a project where I want the player to walk up to an object, get a prompt to pick it up, destroying it in the process and adding 1 currency to the currency list in my inventory screen - and all of it is working fine and I got it set up the way I want to but...

How can I duplicate this item and have it placed around my map without all instances of it being destroyed when I pick up the first one like it is now?

Just to clarify, when I pick up the first instance of this prefab, the rest disappear as well and I'd really like to avoid having to duplicate and change the names of all these items as I am planning on having quite a lot of them in my project.

This is probably a very newbie question, with an easy solution but I couldn't find one anywhere. I would be very thankful for any help in solving this issue :) I only have experience in designing levels, models etc. so I barely have any knowledge on this kind of stuff, even though I must say game creator has been very newbie friendly to get me started so far :)

thanks in advance,



Missing Random action

Gold Park 23 hours ago in Game Creator updated 23 hours ago 2

Hi, Thank you for the amazing asset.

I want to play a sound character's voice randomly when I click somewhere.

But I've got an issue that I can't find random action.

In this video, there is a random action at 2:33.

If it's because of a different version, can you please let me know how to play sound randomly?

Thank you.


Still Having issues with Trigger Buttons on a Gamepad...

robsdroid215 1 day ago in Game Creator updated 1 day ago 0

How can I get Game Creator to see and use my Mapping below in an Action? 

To use the above in an Action like below? 

I know this has something to do with AXIS, Since I do not know how to code I can not use my triggers...

I tried this, but it does not work on Trigger Up....

Basically in my game I want to have my DPAD & Trigger buttons available in Game Creator to Apply Triggers to... 

I know you may say... 

There are many gamepads out there and its hard to accommodate all of them....or, 

Just use the Unity Input Manager .... 

1) PS4 and XBOX are pretty standard.... Trigger Button, DPAD etc.......

2) Unity Input Manager is not 100% recognized by Game Creator (ie.. Left/Right Trigger & DPAD)



Player can pass through not walkable navigation area.

Amon 1 day ago in Game Creator 0

Set player input type to Point And Click.

I can click on "not walkable navigation area" objects (sphere and cube) and player can run to that position.

Is this normal function?