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How can I allow the player to pick up an instantiated object (and then destroy that object)?

Janus 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 12

Got an issue with this and I need help - I can't set it up the trigger On Collision Enter with the Player being the other collider because that requires the prefab I want to instantiate being moved into the Scene...and if I do that, the instantiated object becomes a clone and the 'destroy on finish' destroys the original item and not the clone.

I've even gone as far as to add a capsule collider trigger to the object I want to instantiate in case it was something to do with the object having a mesh collider. 

I need to be walked through this because I'm going to need this information for a lot of stuff :P


Check out the latest Game Creator version 1.0.1 (available on the Asset Store tomorrow). The Instantiate Action comes with an optional parameter that allows you to store the instance created in a Local, Global or List Variable.

You can then use it to destroy the instance, rather than the prefab ;-)


Character Facing In Direction of Camera

Crispy 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 6

"The Combat view type extends the Third Person view type while keeping the camera rotated to the same local yaw value as the character. This in effect will always have the character rotated in the same forward direction as the camera."

I took this description from another asset because it describes clearly what I want. Is it possible to do this currently?


There's the Character Direction property under the Advanced Parameters. You'll find it in the Character's Inspector. By default, the character rotates towards where he/she moves but you can set it to Camera Direction. This will effectively make the character always face the same direction as the camera.

You can also swap between Camera Direction and Locomotion Direction at runtime using the Change Direction Action.


How to modify collider on runtime?

Andi Rutz 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 2

Regarding combat, I can't see to find a way to turn on/off colliders. When I get close to an enemy even without attacking the collider on the weapon touches the enemy and damages it. Id like it to wait till the attack input has been pressed. Any ideas?https://www.loom.com/share/4bea03c814fc4e48af1486f2009c3806 You can see it here.


As @ProfPivec says, what you're looking for is enabling and disabling the Collider when the attack happens. A user called @Necka created a script that allows to enable/disable a Collider using the animation clip event system.

Here is the script:  AttackAnimEvent (1).cs

How to use it:

Drag and drop this script where the Animator component is and drag and drop the Collider object onto the corresponding field.

Now open the Animation Clip of your attack and scroll down to the bottom. Identify which frame should the attack start and which should end.

In each frame, create a new event and use the name StartAttack and EndAttack. This will effectively enable the Collider while the attack is being played.

The Animation Clip communicates with the script attached to the Animator and calls the StartAttack and EndAttack functions which enable and disable the Collider component attached.

PS: I can't tag a mentioned user. Nonetheless, all credit goes to the Discord user @Necka.


What is the best way to play an effect on location?

Andi Rutz 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 1

What is the best way to play an effect on location? Say particles when opening a chest. I'm trying to instantiate prefabed FXs but they seem to activate on player enter radius rather than the selected key down trigger.


The "On Key Down" Trigger doesn't have a target object. These events fire as soon as the user presses the key, without the need to facing, being near or aiming at a specific object.

If you want to instantiate a particle effect on a particular object when you press a certain key, you can use the Instantiate Action, but instead of using the "Invoker" as the position, select the "Game Object" option and drag where you want the particle effect to be spawned.

You might also be interested in interacting with an object when the Player is near it and presses a key. This can be achieved using the "On Player Enter Key". This Trigger will react when the Player is within the radius of the current object's Collider and the user presses a given key.


Issues with Camera Wall avoidance.

ProfPivec 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by fred.Man 7 months ago 3

I have tried many different parameters on the Main Camera as well as the GC Camera Motor, the the camera still does not avoid the walls or any object.

I posted a video on the discord channel, because it is easier than sticking in on youtube .

ProfPivec 1 year ago

Fixed the issue by deleting and recreating the Camera motor. It appears that it was a wall clipping layer setting.

Please Close this problem,


Under review

Blendshape function doesn't work

Estigio97 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 6

Hello, I ask this few days ago, but I did not receive an answer. How can I use a Blendshape of a mesh through BlendShape action of your pluging? Because I tried it with the only existing option and it doesn't work when executed.


'PlayerModelKnight' AnimationEvent 'Hit' has no receiver! Are you missing a component?

Andi Rutz 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 3

I keep getting this error but I can't find what it means. Can I get some info on this? It only happens when i trigger key down an gesture for an attack. 


You've added an animation event called "Hit" in your animation clip but there's no component with the "Hit()" method. Have you downloaded this animations from somewhere or did you create them yourself?

Either case, you can remove the Hit event or create a component that receives it. For more information about animation events, check the Unity documentation: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AnimationEventsOnImportedClips.html.


New character model wont animate

Trevor 1 year ago in Game Creator updated 1 year ago 8

Hi there,

I'm trying to import a new player character to replace the original one, I watched the tutorial on youtube and it just shows dragging and dropping a 3d model into a box to replace the character, this does happen however my new character is stuck in the T pose when moving around? My new object is from Daz and it is already rigged with bones so not too sure where I go from here to get it working?


Any help would be appreciated 

Thank you :)

Trevor 1 year ago

Yeah it was because the rig wasn't selected to humanoid  :). 

With the armour I'm actually trying to do it with the existing amour and weapons you guys have made so it already has all the correct actions on them, the shield shows up but shows on the finger tips instead of the arm so I'm thinking do I need to rename all the bones on the character? 


A few ideas to add in your next update perhaps? :)

Trevor 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 1

Just a couple of ideas to add perhaps? I know it would make my game more complete. Apologies if any are already in there.

All these examples are basically like the old fallout 1 and 2 or wastelands 2 (which im trying to create).

  • Turn-based combat system

  • Simple character creation such as male or female, body, hair, age, skin type. and initial stats for starting the game.

  • Skills window/level up system to enhance your skills, e.g being able to click on a skills tab to bring up the skills window and see how many skills you have in say barter, lockpick or weapons and enhance them when levelled up.

  • Weapon combat, there is already fireball combat in there, would just be easy for someone like me if it was gun and knife combat instead so I could perhaps create other guns/knives to equip with different settings.

Hi! Let me break down your ideas. Some of them are very interesting.

  • Turn-based combat: We're really looking forward creating something in this regard. The problem is that each JRPG game usually contains a set of very unique rules. We aim to create a generic system that account for (almost) all possible cases, but it's really hard to imagine such system.
  • Character Creation: Although the system is simple (we already allow to dress your characters with skinned mesh renderers as well as rigid objects), we don't have the expertise nor the people-power to create a collection of heads, torsos, hands and legs to create such system. Have you checked UMA 2.0? It' a really good system and does what you're looking for. And it's compatible with Game Creator (as far as we heard).
  • Skills: Already available as part of the Stats module. Check it out: https://gamecreator.page.link/stats.
  • Weapon Combat: We're currently working on the Shooter module, which will allow you to create different kinds of fire weapons. For close combat (swords, hammers, ...) we're planning on creating the Melee module afterwards.



Moving units to the mouse click and they get over each other at the finish point

ogrimdooh 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 1

Hello, I am developing a strategy game when I start moving units to the mouse click, they are over each other at the finish point, each unit is a character, I am not using tags, I have no way to set the size of the tag and if I have too many characters selected it would make no difference, how could you make sure the characters didn't behave that way?


Hi! We're currently preparing a new tutorial that shows how to do RTS-style movement. You're probably using the Move Character Action, right? For each character of the selected units. In that case, you can set the "radius threshold" property so characters can stop moving before reaching the destination. Otherwise, they fight each other to reach the exact position you told them to move to.

Hope this helps!