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Not a bug

NavMesh agent inactive by default, model wont detect navmesh terrain or objects.

Andi Rutz 5 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 6

Can someone please help me with a navmesh issue? I set the ai to wander around but it doesn't use the navmesh agent. It has the checked box and when it spawns it has the agent script but its unchecked. And I cannot check it unless I uncheck Character Script. Thanks In advance!

Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago

Hi Andi. The Navigation Agent is disabled due to the Character being told to use the Character Controller instead of the Navigation Mesh. Let me explain this a bit.

Game Creator has two different controller systems: Character Controller for directional and standard movement, and Navigation Agent when traversing the environment with a target in mind.

We swap between these at runtime, so if the Character Controller system is running, we disable the Navigation Mesh Agent component. That's why you can't enable the Agent, because the Character system is using the Character Controller.

The wander script is made by a community member of Game Creator and he's probably using the Directional movement, instead of picking a random position of the map (which I believe it's fine, otherwise, you'd have to deal with edge cases, like trying to wander outside of the map's bounds and so on).

Try reaching him out. He may be willing to update the script in the Hub to support Navigation Mesh Agent.

Under review

Variable in UI from Game Creator

casimiro ondo 1 day ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago 1

I don't know how the slider does horizontal displacement to rotate a cube. Also a text that change the angle number

I tried with variable but it doesn't work well for me.

Here are few tutorials with UI and variable to give more example.

Because texts are not enough to understand for people who do not speak English.

I am Spanish who writes from translator. More gif or videos and fewer images

Thank you

Under review

OnVariableChange doesn't work when an outside object changes the variable?

TrumTrum 2 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago 1

I am trying to change an Invoker's Gameobject variable with a gameobject seperate from its invoker, which works, however my OnVariableChange Trigger for the variable (The Trigger is a component of a child object of the Invoker object) doesn't get called when I can clearly see it changing in the inspector. The variable type is GameObject.


How to Trigger an Variable List with action set on Mouse click?

contact 2 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago 1

Like in the short Variable tutorial video I succeeded in destroying the list items in the editor by debugging. However, I want to click each of these items separately ingame on mouse click and make them destroy in the right order. The tutorial did not cover some trigger scenario.

I tried to add triggers to each of the objects and tried to add an trigger to the Variable list itself, but still no succes. See picture for the main setup. 

Not a bug

Potential Import Issue

Nate 2 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago 2

Hello! I've just tried updating Game Creator to the newest first (from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3), however I keep having issues where it will import duplicate assets (so I'll get files like Action.cs, Action 2.cs). I keep trying to fix the issues by deleting the Plugins and Gizmos folders completely and re-importing Game Creator from scratch (from the unity asset store window) and the Shooter Module (from the asset store and then module manager), which will work for a moment and all my actions will reconnect themselves to the game objects, but if I leave unity for a few minutes or build it to XCode and then come back to it, the "import assets" window just pops up automatically and re-imports a bunch of Game Creator stuff, which is when it gets broken due to all of the duplicate assets. Any way to basically reset Game Creator so it doesn't keep trying to import the assets, preferably without having the duplicate everything over to a new project.

I have a feeling I'm not importing this in the correct way but not sure where I'm going wrong. Thanks for the help!



SS_Slayer 3 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago 6

Elmano, thanks to your perfect tools. 

There is something wrong with my conditions. They just don't work. Am I doing anything wrong?

I've also used "Call Condition" but nothing works.


Flip/toggle states with same key

Living Ghost 3 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago 5


I'm sure this has an obvious fix. However, while I understand how to change states with key down/up triggers, I can't find out how to make the states be activated and deactivated with the same key. For instance, want to make the player crouch by pressing C once, and then reset the state when pressing C again. 

What's the best way to go about this? Thanks!


how to make RUN when down SHIFT key?

MD Tajuddin Sadique 4 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago 3

I All-ready Down this much :

1) First i add new locomotive animation of RUN,with i download from Mixamo .

2) I Create new Trigger and renaming as RUNNING, and change trigger as KEYDOWN and keycode is LEFT SHIFT.

3) Then under running I create new action and rename as KEYDOWN , here first i create new action and change it as CAN RUN=TRUE, then i create CHANGE PLAYER STATE and select RUNNING ANIMATION which i add from Mixamo(point no.1),then i create new trigger ,and select trigger as KEYUP and keycode is LEFT-SHIFT.

4) Then i create new Action under Running ,and name it as KEYUP,here i select action as RESET PLAYER STATE ,and also =Change player CANRUN=false.

and when i hit play , MY Player is not Running when i hit left-shift , 



ProfPivec 21 hours ago

You are over complicating it.

In the player inspector, unclick Can Run - the player will walk.

Add a trigger to your scene, Input/OnKeyDown/Left Shift

Add and Action to this trigger, Character/ChangeProperty/CanRun tick

Add another trigger, Input/OnKeyUp/Left Shift

Add and Action to this, Character/ChangeProperty/CanRun untick

This will make the player run but only while the left shift is down.

Hope this helps


Hand IK/ Weapon Placement

Aeon FitzGerald 4 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago 1

Im using the attach to character action to have my character hold a weapon properly in hand. 

But it's not working quite right, what can i do to fix this? 

Marti (Lead Developer) 21 hours ago

That Action has an offset property for both position and rotation. To solve this, hit Play as it is at the moment (with position offset and rotation offset set to (0,0,0). Then, once in play mode, rotate and move the staff to place it where you would like it to be.

Now, write down the values of the Transform of the staff for position and rotation. Exit play mode and enter these values in the Action used to attach the staff to the character.



How can i change default ideal animation with my custom animation with MIXAMO ANIMATION ?

MD Tajuddin Sadique 4 days ago in Game Creator updated 4 days ago 11

i wanna exchange some default animation with some which I found in MIXAMO  


Duplicate a state, like crouch or drunk, give it a name, add in all your new animations, then set that state as the default state for you character of player. 

Hope this helps.