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Error : ActionChangeMaterial.cs(22,24): error CS0246

IndieGameHustle 2 days ago in Game Creator updated by The Scrag Mag 2 days ago 2

Hello Team, 

I am trying to build and I am seeing this Error - 

Image below:

Assets\Plugins\GameCreator\Core\Mono\Actions\Objects\ActionChangeMaterial.cs(22,24): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'NumberProperty' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I recently upgraded to the GC 1.06. 

To be clear, it runs in the Editor fine. It will not Build due to the Error.

Building the game each week has to be successful before I am able to continue.

Thanks in Advance!



how do I get a variable from another script and store it in Game Creator?

eagleeyez 4 days ago in Game Creator 0

Well the title says it all

how do I get a variable from another script and store it in Game Creator?


Adding a "Change value" toggle option to some Actions

Crispy 4 days ago in Game Creator updated 4 days ago 0

I have the settings above on my Camera Motor. During runtime, I want to call the Action below to change the Model Manipulator to "None". However, I have to make sure every value is the same as the original, since I don't want to change anything but the Model Manipulator. This is very cumbersome. There should be a couple bool toggles like "Change Position Offset" and "Change Head Bobbing".

Also, for the FPS Camera, I believe it should have clamp values for every direction. This would be useful for cases where the developer wants the Player to look in a certain direction. It would be especially useful when climbing a ladder, because it wouldn't make sense to be able to turn your head all the way back.


Missing references to actions

gyltefors 5 days ago in Game Creator updated 4 days ago 2

I have experienced references to actions getting lost, so I created bug ticket here to keep of the issue.

It last occurred during the following condition:

1. I added an action to a dialogue line.

2. The action appeared as normal when in editor mode.

3. When pressing play, the action was replaced with a missing action.

4. When stopping, the action was still missing.

5. In the log, the following entry was generated: "GameObject (named 'Dialogue') references runtime script in scene file"

The steps 1-5 can be repeated, and each time with the same result.

I'll follow up more info after trying debugging the issue...


Version 1.0.6 is now live on the asset store

eagleeyez 5 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 19 hours ago 5

I am going to take a look at it now.


About New Remember Active component

GameBoy 5 days ago in Game Creator updated 5 days ago 2

Hello, I use the new function "new remember active component" of GC v1.0.6, but I seem to have some problems.

First, I added a script for the Image

Second, I want to click the button to display the hidden image and save the result

Finally, the image is not displayed at load time.

This is a new feature. I don't know if I have set it up incorrectly?

Thank you.


Variable name cannot be set in another language

GameBoy 5 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) yesterday at 4:32 a.m. 4


Before version 1.0.4, variable names could be in any language, which was very friendly.

However, version 1.0.6 seems to only use English.

I hope it can be fixed.


Two newbie questions

Oliver Marshall 6 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 days ago 7

Hi all

Two quick questions. 

Does Game Creator support the personal edition of Unity? I just want to tinker creating things in my old age, no plans to release or sell things. 

Finally would Game Creator allow me to create a 2D top down style game?



Change the material using a list of variables.

Homie 6 days ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 days ago 3

Hello everyone!

I recently started using GC, so sorry for the possibly stupid question!

So, I have a character that contains many materials (16) on one Skinnedmesh, and I need to change, let's say one of them. However, when I use "Change material" it only changes the first one (Element 0). I think, i need to create a list of variables and modify the material using the index, just can't figure out how to do it. Suggestions, guys?


Awesome! I've just updated the Change Material Action. I'm marking this topic as Fixed. It will be available tomorrow (if the Asset Store team reviews our package in time), together with other bugs squashed and other brand-new features.

If after the update you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to reopen it. Cheers!


Adventure Camera - Hide Mouse Cursor and/or avoid using mouse to make interactions

Mirabel 1 week ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 6 days ago 1

Hi everyone, 

First of all congratulations for this wonderful set of tools! 

I am admiring your work for a long time already and I am willing purchase and integrate Game Creator in my project along with the other extensions (Dialogue, Inventory, Quests, etc).

My question is related to the Adventure Camera motor: 

I've seen that in most of the videos/tutorials the mouse cursor is always visible on the screen and it moves along with the camera which orbits around the player.

I am wondering, is there any way of hiding the mouse cursor when using the Adventure Camera and maybe having it appear only during dialogues, interactions with the inventory and mostly during situations where you have to make a certain selection from a UI?

For example I want to trigger a dialogue scene by just pressing [E] next to a NPC and not by clicking on the character in the world (same way for interacting with a shopkeeper and so on). 

If my questions is stupid I am sorry in advance, I just want to know if basically you can avoid using the mouse cursor to interact with stuff in the world and replace everything by trigger areas with keyboard/controller button inputs so you don't see the mouse at all unless you really need it during a UI page (inventory, dialogue).

Have a good day!


Hi Mirabel;

Thank you very much for your kind words. Your question is not at all stupid, feel free to ask anything :-)

Regarding your question, we didn't want to bind the cursor's mode to any camera motor. Instead, there's an Action called "Cursor" that allows you to modify the cursor's state.

If you want to start your game with the adventure camera motor and the cursor locked at the center of the screen (and probably hidden), you can use a "On Start" Trigger that calls the Action Cursor. This Action should have the state property set as "Locked" and visibility to "Hidden".

Now what happens when you start a Dialogue? Same thing. Right before you call the Dialogue Action, use the Cursor Action to "Unlock" the cursor state and set the visibility to "Visible". Because the Dialogue Action is put on hold while the Dialogue plays, you can duplicate the Cursor Action and place it right below the Dialogue action, changing its values to Locked and Hidden. This will ensure that as soon as the Dialogue is completed, the cursor will be locked back at the center of the screen.

Hope this helps!